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Masks, Gloves & Sanitizers: The Essential Protection Against COVID-19

Who says essential protections don’t help curb the spread of COVID-19? The use of masks, gloves and sanitizer sachet are a handy necessity when travelling, and can effectively cut down the chances of infection. The last few weeks are itself enough evidence that shows a steady decline in the number of new cases. It is however a sad state of affairs, as this has primarily been enforced due to lockdowns across various states in India. 

There is a definite risk that the curve may rise up again. This can happen especially due to the lack of personal responsibilities with the choices and lifestyle decisions made by most people in the country. The month of May in 2021 saw a rapid rise in new cases to the peak with more than 20,000 cases being reported every day in Delhi. What has now come down to just about 7000 is not due to the responsible use of essential protection from the coronavirus. That is a point that needs immediate correction if India and the whole world has to recover.

Relying On Lockdown To Curb Covid-19

Lockdown is an effective but usually a last resort solution as seen from the collective experience since last year in 2020. A lockdown affects numerous aspects of daily life, cutting down on essentials that can help survive and move ahead in life. Livelihoods and education are some of the biggest victims of a lockdown. Medical facilities availability is a problem at this time since most of the facilities stay devoted to COVID care. Locking down the country is simply not a sustainable solution no matter how effective it is at curbing the spread of coronavirus. It is necessary to take a personal step of responsibility to move ahead.

Just like the lockdown last year, authorities have gradually brought the states under control through isolation from each other. Transportation capabilities are also shuttered between states and flights out of the country are constantly monitored as well. This level of control will help ensure no chances of incursions by other COVID-19 variants. On a personal level, however, it is everyone’s responsibility to stay aware of how COVID-19 can affect them. After all, the current infection rate stands at more than 2.96 crores and counting. Even with the recovery rate at 2.83 crore and above, the infection rate is high and has to see immediate reduction through the use of essential protections like face masks, latex examination gloves and sanitizers.

Are Masks Still The Go-to Solution During Mucormycosis?

The rise of the black, white and yellow fungus has raised questions on the effective use of face masks. Until now, people try to save on masks by reusing them indefinitely. Even masks intended for disposal after one use are usually used for weeks or at least for days before disposal. With the state of things currently, it is understandable why the general populace would opt for this attitude. Unfortunately, as it was found out in the last few weeks, reused masks can be a breeding ground for Mucormycosis fungus. Everyone should know by now that this fungus and its variants can cause serious problems for those suffering from it. Even though Mucormycosis is relatable under certain conditions, the effect it can have on weakened immunity is devastating. 

How can anyone make the preparations to stay safe from this especially in a time when wearing masks is a necessity? Mucormycosis is definitely a threat, however, in COVID-19 times, it only means to take better care of masks while using them, rather than skipping them entirely. Better care of masks involve following better practice of hygiene regarding face masks. Also, there are better ways to go about this in the pandemic after all, with the basic protections provided by face masks, gloves, sanitizers and disinfectant wipes.

Use Of Essential Protection During Covid-19 And Mucormycosis

Rather than simply depending on disposable masks for protection, as the new attitude suggests, wearing double masks needs to see a higher adoption rate. Fortunately with a constant supply of quality disposable masks that the surgical face mask dealers in India come up with, getting new masks every day shouldn’t be a problem. Reusing surgical face masks by  washing or disinfecting is a bad idea since the fibres lose their durability and will not protect any further. Even then, simply reusing masks without disinfecting them regularly can not only cause Mucormycosis to spread but also COVID-19. 

The standard operating procedures from prior to the fungus endemic still stands. Disposing the disposable surgical masks is a good idea after single use and everyone should observe that for their protection. Rewashing cloth masks is alright since they have no filters present. However, they are also not as effective and using them with another mask is a better idea. N95 masks are reusable to only a certain extent and disposing one after 5 uses at most is a must.

What’s The Best Combination Of Mask Usage

In the last few weeks, it has been argued that wearing double masks is the only effective way to cut down the spread of COVID-19. Even with the constant threat of Mucormycosis, everyone should wear masks at all times, and as such a proper responsibility is necessary. A good N95 mask company will always make new improvements to its masks for reusability and comfort, and many companies make such improvements with better filter quality. So even though N95 masks are usually known for discomfort, now one should skimp on them. For better protection, people should always wear cloth masks or surgical masks with N95 masks at all times. Wearing double masks, especially with a cloth mask underneath it can be both protective and comfortable for the wearer.

Enhancing The Protection

Masks are a great way to stop the spread of COVID-19, and also essential. Other solutions used side by side can enhance that protection. With gloves and mask manufacturers ensuring an abundance of products to use, everyone should make sure to use them both to the best of their ability. Wearing masks can be risky when usually people can’t stop touching them after social interaction or touching surfaces. 

Disposable gloves offer the best enhancement in this case besides wearing a mask. They ensure that people are always stay in protection from directly coming in contact with COVID-19. Of course, taking an additional step is a better idea to ensure total protection. This is of course none other than practising responsible disposal of said gloves. Everyone should maintain a discipline of washing and disinfecting reusable masks, in case of using masks for a long period of time. As long as the inner filter layers are fine, the masks are in good condition for use.

Combining The Essentials To Stay Protected

Social distancing is a must agreed by all authorities around the world, but in practice, it’s a problem with the dense population in India. Every location that provides essential services usually sees a lot of crowds and all attempts to enforce strict rules evidently do not work except in cases of lockdown. Since lockdown is not a sustainable solution, even using essential protection like a mask, gloves and sanitizers can hold the COVID waves away. Sanitizers and disinfectants are a necessity especially if venturing outside. 

Even with curfew in different parts of the country, it is necessary to be out and about to access essential services like procuring medicines, banking and others. Sanitizers and disinfectants can be of great use in scenarios like this since COVID-19 also spreads through surfaces. According to recent findings, however, the primary means of spreading COVID-19 is through airborne transmission. As such, everyone must be extra careful when it comes to wearing their masks.


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