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Miami Sexual Harassment Lawyer: How to Handle a Sexual Harassment Claim?

When you work in a Miami workplace, you have the right to expect a fair environment, free from sexual harassment. However, many times, employers allow others within the workplace to get away with acts of sexual harassment. They excise the behavior as harmless joking or mindless flirting.

However, sexual harassment is no laughing matter. As you experience sexual harassment in the workplace, you will see that you need more than just asking for a person to stop to help keep you safe from such actions. A Miami sexual harassment lawyer can help you fight for your rights against sexual harassment at work. They can help ensure that you get the justice you deserve.

Read on to learn how to handle a sexual harassment claim against your Miami employer.

What Should You Do Before You Contact a Miami Sexual Harassment Lawyer?

When you suffer sexual harassment in the workplace, you have every right to obtain justice and hold you employer accountable for these actions. However, there are certain steps you can take to ensure you get the justice you deserve.

The first step to battling sexual harassment at work is to file a complaint with your employer, HR team, or union representative. When you file this complaint, you should put it in writing and either hand deliver a written copy or email a copy. If you choose to email a copy, make sure you email it with a return receipt requested. If you choose to hand deliver a copy, make sure you keep a copy for yourself and document who received the complaint, the time it was delivered, and the date it was delivered.

Once you deliver your complaint, make sure to keep notes regarding the investigation and results of the complaint. Keep any documents, emails, and communications that relate to the process that should follow (or lack thereof).

This information will be important evidence as you proceed with your sexual harassment claim. Your Miami sexual harassment lawyer can use this information to help you file your complaint against your employer in federal or state courts.

When Should You Contact a Miami Sexual Harassment Lawyer?

Once you receive the results of your complaint filed with your employer, you will either receive justice for the sexual harassment you received or be left holding the bag. If you are left holding the bag, it is time to move onto the next step in your journey. It is time to contact a Miami sexual harassment lawyer.

If you worked in NYC, you would want to contact a sexual harassment lawyer in NYC. However, since you work in Miami, a Miami sexual harassment lawyer will help you fight for your rights.

Before you contact your sexual harassment lawyer, make sure you have as much information as possible to get your claim started. Make sure you have the copy of the complaint you filed with your employer and the details of the claim.

You do not have to have all your evidence together. However, you should have information regarding the basics of your claim, such as what happened, when and where it happened, and who was involved. You should also have all the evidence related to your employer claim and the results of their investigation.

What Can You Expect from Your Sexual Harassment Legal Claim?

Your Miami sexual harassment lawyer can help you fight for your rights when your employer refuses to be held accountable. The journey may be noticeably short. However, it can take several months to several years.

The first step is to tell your Miami sexual harassment lawyer your story. Make sure they know what happened, when it happened, who was involved, and who witnessed the events. Make sure you provide your lawyer with all the evidence you can collect to ensure they have as much ammunition as possible to hold your employer accountable.

Your Miami sexual harassment lawyer will attempt to settle your claim early in the process. They will contact your employer to see if they are willing to settle before your claim ever gores to court. However, if your employer refuses to settle, your lawyer will proceed with your claim with the courts.

Once your complaint gets filed, your Miami sexual harassment lawyer will continue to press for settlement throughout the process. However, if your employer refuses to settle, your Miami sexual harassment lawyer will stand by your side throughout the entire litigation and court process.

What Is Sexual Harassment in the Workplace?

When an employer, supervisor, manager, colleague, client, or non-employee makes unwelcome sexual approaches, comments, or contact with an employee or job application, it is known as sexual harassment. Even one individual must object to the treatment and find it insulting.

There are two forms of sexual harassment claims: quid pro quo and hostile work environment. When your company promises you promotions in return for sexual favours, this is known as a quid pro quo accusation.

Any other form of sexual harassment allegation is classified as a hostile work environment claim. Harassment creates an environment in which it is nearly hard for an employee to continue working. An experienced Miami sexual harassment lawyer can assist you in determining what kind of action you should make against your workplace.

What Are Some Examples of Sexual Harassment in Miami?

Sexual harassment in Miami can take many forms. Here are some examples of what sexual harassment looks like:

  • Office jokes about sexuality
  • Sexist remarks in the workplace
  • Your shoulder is frequently rubbed by a coworker. You’ve urged him to quit, but he refuses.
  • A boss asks you out on a date. He reduces your hours if you refuse.
  • You and your boss have broken up. The manager begins to circulate sexual rumours about you throughout the company.
  • Emails with sexual content were distributed to everyone in the office.
  • Your boss demands that you sleep with him in order to receive the promotion you deserve.
  • A recruiting manager places his hands on a job applicant’s knees. The applicant is upset. Despite being the top applicant, the employer rejects him for the job.
  • In punishment for reporting your boss’s sexual approaches to HR, your employer fires you.

How Do You Fight Sexual Harassment in Miami?

Sexual harassment victims have rights. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act forbids discrimination based on gender in the workplace. Sexual harassment is part of sex discrimination.

Furthermore, sexual harassment is prohibited in any Florida workplace, including Miami businesses, under the Florida Civil Rights Act.

You have the right to fight back against your harasser as a victim of sexual harassment. A sexual harassment lawyer in New York City, on the other hand, will not help you in Miami. To submit your claim, you’ll need the assistance of an experienced, dedicated, and empathetic sexual harassment attorney in Miami.

Final Thoughts

Filing a claim for sexual harassment at work can be a scary idea. It can be difficult at times. However, it is important for your peace of mind and well-being that you fight for your rights and get justice. A Miami sexual harassment lawyer can help you ensure that you get the justice you deserve.

If you need a Miami sexual harassment lawyer, contact the Derek Smith Law Group in Miami for a free consultation at (305) 946-1884.

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