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Morocco Desert Tour – An African Paradise

This exceptional North African country syndicates a spectacular natural landscape. Morocco has unique architecture, and amusing culture, and superbly hospitable locals. Morocco desert tour is such a fantastic and popular holiday choice. However, many tour agencies offer their good services. S & J Tours stands out among these agencies’ convenient services. S & J Tours is a New York-based travel agency with an office in Morocco. The agency offers services under the banner Morocco desert tour from New York to Marrakech. Therefore S & J Tours sets up a tour to one of the most attractive countries in the world. S & J Tours is established to help travelers.

Why should you visit Morocco?

Morocco desert tours are world-famous. It is undoubtedly on a high list of places to visit. Once you go there, it will not disappoint you! Morocco is indeed a breathtaking place for you to see. The country has its own unique:

  • effervescent colors,
  • discordance of sounds,
  • scorching sun,
  • the odor of the spices, and
  • thousands of incredible sights.

Morocco fascinates you in an articulate, inspiring, and delightful way. As a leading travel service provider in Morocco, S & J Tours offers a fun cultural experience. Therefore, S & J Tours is managed by skilled and experienced local guides and drivers. These guides and drivers have a steady grasp of the English language. They take you to discover more than the typical tourist points.

Why S & J Tours is the best choice?

Right from the swarming atmosphere to Sahara Desert dunes. S & J Tours offer Morocco desert tour and cultural tours to Morocco’s most mesmerizing attractions that provide comfort to any visitor. In specific words, your holiday trips may also contain visits to the:

  • fascinating imperial cities of Fes,
  • Meknès, and
  • Rabat, with all of its magnificence and extravagant architectural sensations.

S & J Tours frequently offers popular hiking tours. These hiking tours include sunset camel trekking through the Sahara Desert. Trips may comprise staying the night in traveler tents before trekking ahead. The agency plans its terms so that you must go through Berber villages in the breathtaking High Atlas Mountains.

Things to discover in Morocco

Morocco is a peaceful destination that appeals to you with intense images of colorful souks (an Arab marketplace), exciting culture, and diversified geography. Therefore,  are various things to do and places to visit in Morocco. Some of those are listed below:

  • Hot Air Balloon Ride – Atlas Mountain:

This is an unforgettable adventure. S & J Tours makes sure your comfort and safety. This is the best activity to do in Marrakech. You can enjoy a daylight hot-air balloon ride in front of the Atlas Mountains. The hot-air balloon ride is followed up with a delicious Berber breakfast and then a camel ride.

  • Morocco Desert Tour – Marrakech to Merzouga:

The adventure includes a Morocco desert tour and camel trekking. The S & J Tours organizes the visit to the following places:

  • Kasbah-Ben-Haddou,
  • Ouarzazate,
  • The Rose Valley,
  • Dades valley,
  • Tundra oasis,
  • Tundra gorge,
  • A night in a desert camp in a nomad Berber tent.

Marrakech Quad Biking Adventure:

S & J Tours is never going to disappoint your experience on an unusual vehicle. They an entire day is biking through an amusing Agafay desert. In addition, you may discover prime spots just below the Atlas Mountains.

Fairy-tale Dinner – Morocco Desert Tour:

S & J Tours lets you experience the most exotic and serene landscapes. While enduring a Morocco desert tour, you sit down for a multiple-course meal. You may experience watching a stunning sunset while admiring Arab hospitality. After getting familiar with memorable desert quietness, you will be carried away back to your hotel by S & J Tours’ local staff.

What to expect on Morocco Desert Tour?

Planning a trip to the Sahara Desert may be confusing. What desert to choose? S & J Tours helps you make your decision. You do not need to confuse S & J Tours’ Morocco desert tour plan. You also do not need to worry about what to carry for a Morocco desert tour. S & J Tour will aid you at each step.

The trip starts early, and there is less time for sleeping. As a result, you are likely to be able to see the awe-inspiring scenery of the High Atlas Mountains! During the drive through the High Atlas Mountains, you cross Tizi n’Tichka (2260m). Tizi n’Tichka is the highest road mountain in your Morocco desert tour plan.

Travel on the twisty Tizi n’Tichka mountainous road is difficult for weaker stomachs. So if you have any motion sickness, then it is preferable not to take any breakfast. S & J Tours local driver makes-sure careful driving and not making wild turns. During the Morocco desert tour road trip, you may stop at photogenic places, and you can memorize your moments.

About mid-noon, you arrive at a fortified village called Kasbah Ait Ben Haddou. However, The fortified town dates back to the 12th Century. Kasbah Ait Ben Haddou is a Unesco World Heritage site. The town is one of the most significant enigmatic Morocco monuments. All houses in the Kasbah were made of clay. The houses are melting over a period of time because of the rain. Kasbah Ait Ben Haddou is still inhabited by a few families, while the rest of the villagers move to the other side of the river Ounila.

Numerous Hollywood and international films were shot in Ait Ben Haddou. Some of those shot in the Kasbah, you possibly know:

  • Gladiator,
  • Babel,
  • The Mummy,
  • The Kingdom of Heaven,
  • Prince of Persia,
  • Game of Thrones (a few episodes),
  • Prison Break.

You would be urprises by the extraordinary beauty of kasbah ait ben haddou. It is still a mystery and an unbelievable thought how the way Moroccan ancestors used to live here before. The drastic variation in the landscape would be dramatic. There are vast valleys, small villages, and bizarre ways to transport people or animals in Morocco. The Morocco desert tour plan is designed to travel through the valley of Roses. It is where the products are manufactured with rose water for the whole of Morocco.

The morocco desert tour plan cannot be make successful without a comfortable camel trekking in the middle of the Sahara desert. Therefore, the S & J Tours’ Morocco desert tour plan includes camel trekking. The camels are carrying you to the desert camp. These desert camps have sufficient pieces of stuff to stay for a while. In the desert camp, you serve with tagines (a North-African stew of spiced meat and vegetables). After serving tagines, the evening is mesmerizing by the tea and drum music in the silence of the desert.

The planned S & J Tours’ Morocco desert tour includes visiting tremendous shopping stalls. The stalls are located in an entanglement of ancient medinas. The Morocco desert tour plan also holds the incredible sight of goats perched high in the trees munching on seeds. There is much to see and do in the Morocco desert tour plan.

Being an experienced travel agency, therefore, S & J Tours may or may not promise a flawless experience every time. It is a general perception that you travel to the farther curves of the earth and return home in one piece. However, this does not mean you always walk away unbothered. S & J Tours invites you to minimize your risk of traveling alone and experience things you have not yet experienced before.

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