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Mortal Shell Players and the Petting of the Cat

Virtual Dog petting has been a highlighted trend in the gaming world since last year. Role-playing games and open-world games from all over added the element of petting dogs during the games. Even bigwigs like Fortnite jumped on the bandwagon. Now, the latest development in another open-world beta game has started the conversation around virtual cat-petting. Records show that people love petting animals in games.

Almost all Mortal Shell players want to pet the cat

Mortal Shell is scheduled to launch later this year commercially. They just finished their open beta version and compiled player data records. The total number of players of the game was 350,000 with over 5 million stream views. Out of those players, one hundred fifty thousand players decided to pet the cat for a reasonable amount of time during the beta version play. Forty-three percent of people were noted as willing to die if petting the cat means a fatal conclusion in the game. This shows how much we humans care about the lovely animals around us. Only if we did it in real life, the world would be a better place. But baby steps, at least this shows gaming isn’t all violent. Sometimes video gamers like to do regular human things but virtually.

Dog-petting will be taken over by cat-petting

With this new trend picking up pace, video game-makers are going to be hyped up to add this element into their games. Inculcating new harmless trends into gameplay has been a successful add-on for these developers. The players too, find these little nuances as part of the immersive experience that video gaming now provides. With more and more immersive technology being invented, the idea that we could be living in a completely virtual world someday doesn’t seem so far-fetched anymore. Along with that, virtual reality has proven a boon to human existence in these unprecedented times. During the pandemic, people turned to virtual modes of communication and interaction to find a semblance of normality. Imagine living away from your pets or not being able to meet them for an elongated time. Video games and VR made us feel like we are not alone. Even if our geographies bound us, we have an online community that still interacts with us. These small gestures give us the same satisfaction that killing an enemy in self-defense does. Maybe not an equal amount of pleasure, but just the same.

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