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Most Popular Hairstyle and Haircut Melbourne for Women and Men

Still, you haven’t update yourself about the Haircut Melbourne for both men and women. Hope, the listed things may let you understand clearly.

Both men and women are started to showing their interest in the beauty industry to make them look great. If you also seeking new hairstyles, then now is the best time to have a look at the trending haircut Melbourne for both men and women. Stay here to know all trending styles up-to-date and choose the one which makes you feel comfortable as well as looks great. Instead of going with the usual things, try somewhat new and trendy to enhance your appearance.

Haircut Melbourne for Men

Pompadour Haircut

Right now, a disconnected pompadour is trending. In a pompadour haircut, the hair is clipped on the sides and kept long on top. If you need a haircut that makes you feel new and different, then go with combed back pompadour. This haircut is nice and highly recommended when it comes to haircuts for men which add length to face shapes such as round and square.

Spiky Top with Mid Fade

The best way to ease into faded haircuts for men is to keep your hair a little longer on the top and decrease the length gradually as you go down. It looks cool and you can use hair gel to spike up the ends.

Grey Comb Over with Hard Part

If you looking for a modern dramatic side haircut, then this haircut style is good. It helps men to show off graying hair in a sophisticated way.

Temple Fade for Black Men

Temple fade with line up for natural hair is a nice modern style. This haircut is the best choice when you need short and manageable hair with your natural texture. Also, it is an equally perfect facial hairstyle for men.

Top 6 Advantages Of Hiring A Curly Hair Specialist Melbourne

Top 6 Advantages Of Hiring A Curly Hair Specialist Melbourne

Taper Cut

A classic taper cut is keeping thick hair on top and gradually decrease the length on the back and side of the head. In the tapered hairstyle, you need to keep the hair with a product and regular shampoos. Otherwise, it will go wild quickly. However, due to its versatility, most men requested this hairstyle.

Tapered Undercut with Added Height

In current hairstyles for men, height and volume play an important role. This haircut will help you to fulfill both the requirement. You can use a hairdryer and round brush to achieve the cute waves which give you a punk rock vibe and show off the faded edges.

Angular Fringe

Angular fringe is a classic and clean look. This hairstyle involves short and clean sides and keeping thickness on the top of the head. This style looks great for any face shape, but it looks perfect for round faces especially. It is highly recommended for people who have an interesting new stylish look.

Haircut Melbourne for Women

Blunt Cut

If you have thin hair and want to rock a shorter style, then the blunt cut is perfect. This cut not only gives a great way to accentuate your features and frame your face but also it is universally flattering and very on-trend.

Pixie Cut

Women going short can be very daunting if they had thick hair. Layers and texture are key to nailing the short style with thick hair. In this case avoid blunt cuts, because this type of style will add bulk to the hair. So, go for a pixie cut, which allows the hair to sit and flow with ease.


Bangs are simple and easy to style. It requires very little maintenance when compared to other occasional trim. For short hairs, bangs work well as drawing attention to your features and frame your face. Plus, it also can be a slimming style.

Asymmetrical Lob

Asymmetrical lob will be the right choice if you look for an edgy cut, but don’t want to go too short. The A-line style is flattering and it is not as sharp as other asymmetric styles and it is an uber cool and on-trend hairstyle as well.

Deep Side Part

You can simply style your hair by flicking one side over and deep side part to update your look. These sophisticated style works are well for casual days and formal outings as well.

Waterfall Braids

Not only the waterfall braids are stunning style for long hair, but also it is one of the easiest to achieve. This looks perfect with pretty clips and headwear for summer and spring. Also, it is a sneaky way to style the hair when you are in between washes.

Box Braids

Long hair with braids is the perfect pair. If you are tired of standard French braids, why don’t you go for a cool box braid instead?

The bottom lines,

If you want to change your old look and become a trendy one, then start to book your haircut Melbourne appointment in CAST salon. Here you can get extraordinary options to showcase you as unique with the help of our professional creative hairstylist. We provide all quality services for your hair at an affordable price. Plus, we never fail to satisfy the clients when they leave the chair.

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