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Moving With Family? 10 Ways to Make it Easier

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Moving is a challenging transition for everyone in the family, but having little ones around makes it even harder. Besides having to pack all their toys, clothes, and books, you also must think about the right sports, schools, and dance programs to enroll them. If you want to move fast and ensure everything happens successfully, use the tips shared below when moving with family.

1. Only Pack Items That You Need

It is easy to postpone things only to realize at the last minute that you are not even ready to move. It is vital to avoid last-minute scramble by coming up with a good plan to move. Start packing two weeks ahead of the moving day, and only pack what you will need. Throw things away or donate items that you do not want to transport to your new home. You should also think about packing everyone a suitcase of essentials while moving. This way everyone has everything they would need before finally getting settled into your new home. It will most likely take you longer to unpack than you think it will so it will be best if you are prepared. Make sure you keep track of everyone’s suitcase or bag by marking them with their name and keeping them together so they do not get lost with all of your other items during your moving day. This will keep the stress to a minimum as well.

2. Clean Out The Junk

If you have excess teddy bears and other junks, now is the time to get rid of them. If your kids have a collection of teddy bears that they don’t use anymore, consider donating them. This should be done at least a few months in advance so that you have enough time to sort through everything. You will feel better about the things that you are bringing to your new place and you will save energy and time because you won’t be moving things that you want to get rid of soon anyways. Be sure to donate these types of things at night or when your kids are not around since they might cause a lot of trouble. Keep in mind this depends on their age.

3. Find the best moving Company

Finding the best car shipping company can help make the process easier for you. Make sure to hire a reputable moving company that charges fair rates. If you don’t know any, then you can consider asking for recommendations. A good moving company can also help you plan your move and make it successful. They will know the best way to move your items such as cars, motorcycles, or any other things that you need moved.

4. Pack all The Chargers

Try to put all your cords and chargers in one box and see if you can match them. If you match them up, you won’t have a difficult time unpacking. This is not the time to donate your laptop charger, hoping that you will get a new one. Try to keep all of your electronics together so that if you are in need of some type of charger, you will know it is most likely in one location. Things can get very unorganized no matter how much you plan during a move. It is best to be prepared when moving your family.

5. Don’t Make Your Boxes Too Heavy When Moving with Family

Even if you hire movers, they are just humans, so don’t hurt their backs with very heavy boxes. Make sure that each item is packed in the right box size. Heavy items such as books should be placed in small boxes to make them manageable; it is okay to put light items in larger boxes. This way more people are able to help instead of only people who can lift heavy items. This will make the process move more quickly and everyone will be able to pitch in easily. You will also be able to label everything so you know where everything is. If you need to get into any boxes, it should be easy to find what you are looking for as well.

6. Find The Right Schools for your Kids

By the time you are ready to move, you should have found the best school for your kids. Since you might not know much about the next location, it is important to start searching early. Create a list of the best schools in that area and eliminate them one by one based on your preferences. A great school is very important for kids especially during such a transitional event for them. It will impact your children so it is important to make it as positive as you can. Look into your neighborhood beforehand and make sure there are other families so that your kids will have friends to play with. This will help them adapt and enjoy their new house much more easily. You will want to make sure you take the time to ensure they like the kids they are going to school with, and any other kids they will be in contact with.

7. Children’s Favorite Items in One Box

To avoid confusion and to make your children feel cared for, place their favorite items in one box. This box should be kept safely, and consider opening it first when you get to the next home. It is a creative way to make the next house look familiar to your kids. Help them to be excited about the move by letting them decide on things. For example, you can ask them what color they would like one of their walls painted in their bedroom. This will help them feel like they are being included in the choices and they will enjoy the process more.

8. Your Movers Should Be Insured

Nowadays, there are so many moving companies, but not all of them are insured. An insurance company is great because you will get compensated in case a risk happens and you lose your valuables. Before striking a deal with any moving company, seek to find out if they are insured.

9. Consider Grocery Shopping When Moving with Family

Whether you are moving a short or long distance, you are supposed to get ready for the next house, and that means having your grocery ready. When getting ready to move, you will discard most of your condiments, especially when cleaning the fridge. Make sure to replace everything you threw away when you still have enough time. This will help you when moving with family.

10. Pick Your Date Wisely When Moving with Family

It is never wise to move at the end of the month. During this time, you will be charged a lot of money since the demand is high. At least try to move in the middle of the month, and ask your moving company for a discount.

Closing Thoughts When Moving with Family

Moving with children is hard, especially when you have to find another school for them. To make the process less stressful when moving with family, start preparing at least one month early. This will help you stay motivated as you get closer to your moving day date. Note that you should also declutter your home to reduce the items to be transported. If the weight of your items is high, the moving company might charge you more. The distance within which you are moving will also determine the fees charged.
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