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Must have features for a Taxi dispatch system. How the system works for Taxi Businesses?

A taxi dispatch system/software is a way of allocating the jobs to drivers. In this system, customers are mapped with drivers for traveling a certain distance from the pick-up location. A Taxi Dispatch System is developed to ease the use of customers to book for a taxi and helps in managing the data of them by a taxi company.

The flow of a taxi dispatch system:

  • Customer Calls for a taxi
  • Drivers who are near or free in the zone of pick-up location to the customer will be assigned.
  • There are three applications at different ends that undergo a flow of these procedures.
  1. Driver Application
  2. Passenger Application
  3. Admin Panel

Driver Application:

The Driver application will be built in a manner to provide an immediate response to the passenger. Meanwhile, there should not be any miscommunication between them through the system. For an instance, the taxi dispatch software should not assign the same task to two different drivers, which leads to inconvenience and reduces the trust of a taxi brand.

For every driver, unique credentials will be given to log-in to the application for analyzing and tracking.

Features of Driver Application:

  • The credentials have to be secured, where interpreters should not be allowed to do mislead.
  • If a driver opt-outs for a break, emergency, or traffic, it should be capable of redirecting to another cab that is near to the customer’s pick-up location.
  • To keep drivers comfortable, statistical information on salary and commissions should be provided.
  • It should be capable enough to show old records where the number of rides and distance that they went through.
  • The statistical information should be able to retrieve based on date/time/month/year.
  • If a passenger requests a ride by standing roadside, the driver can pick-up. At the end of travel, the passenger will get notified about the service, which will help in the retention of customers.

Passenger Application:

The Passenger Application should be easy to use, where they can book a taxi in a very simple way. The application should lead to irritating inconvenience.

Features of Passenger Application:

  • Booking a taxi should be an easy process, where they could visualize what is going to happen at the end of each level.
  • Customers should be instructed at each step to keep them comfortable. The instruction should have a flatness for better understanding.
  • Every Passenger should have a login credential but unlike driver application, they should be capable of doing easy login using Facebook or Google+ or any other authentic medium.
  • In advancement, a passenger can define a group of known people, where everyone in the group could see the activities of him/her. It includes trips, number of rides, emergency notification, distance, and many.
  • A Passenger should be able to fill his/her wallet to pay with ease. The wallet transaction will be beneficial and reduces time.
  • Refer and earn is something, that will keep engaging passengers in the application when they are off the ride time.
  • Like Driver Application, a passenger should also be able to look into their historical data.
  • The historical data should include fair which they spent, distance, and more.
  • Space should be given to passengers for giving their feedback and ratings of the ride.
  • The Feedback and rating will help the taxi companies to improve their overall performance.
  • It will enhance the experience of both taxi companies and their customers.

Admin Panel:

Admin Panel will have full access to the system, where an administrator could monitor the happenings of the system. They will be provided with a dashboard to manage the system without any flaws.

Features of the Admin Panel:

  • It should be helpful for categorizing customers based on their activities.
  • Categorized customers should be given advantages based on engagement in the system.
  • The administrator should be able to get live updates of the whole system, where they could see the hot city with more engagement of customers at a particular time.
  • It will help to allocate more taxis in that hot zone and retain the customers in the business.
  • The companies should be provided with the option of auto and manual dispatching system based on industrial needs.
  • The administrator should be capable enough to see the driver’s activities, live updates, and progress details on daily basis.
  • Admin should be provided with a toll-free number, where customers can call and book a taxi to the pick-up location.
  • Based on drivers’ activities, the admin could able to make changes in the process.

With all these applications and their features, a taxi dispatch system should function in a proper and well-organized manner.

In that way, it will be the world’s best taxi dispatch system, where they bridge the gap between the customers and taxi companies. It should provide a scintillating smart dispatch solution for taxi companies included with white label apps for android and IOS.
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