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Must Remember the 10 Most Informative Pieces of Advice Before Traveling to Umrah

Some people may be leaving soon for their lifetime religious journey. So I wanted to take a moment to offer some advice to those that will be departing soon to undertake the magnificent Umrah journey.  But first, you have to book Economy Umrah Packages from the UK’s best Travel Agency named “Muslims Holy Travel” that meets your needs & budget efficiently. So, you can perform your Umrah with convenience & comfort. Then, the next thing is to know every aspect of performing Umrah perfectly without missing any ritual or doing any mistake. The following are 10 pieces of advice that I got or that came to mind while visiting spiritual sites:

Complete Your Homework

Learn about Makkah, Madina, and the Umrah pilgrimage. When I was ready for my pilgrimage, I came across a number of books that discussed Hajj and its benefits. However, I experienced trouble finding information on Umrah. Sure, the Hajj books mentioned Umrah and had short chapters in them, but such snippets weren’t enough to satisfy my craving for further information.  “The Ultimate Guide to Umrah” was an excellent book on Umrah that I eventually came across. I’m not recommending one book over another, but I would advise you to learn as much as you can about what you’re about to do before you go. Make a copy of your passport as well as important documents and send them to yourself and also your loved ones. So, that you have a backup in case something goes wrong.

A Man’s Worth is Determined by his Company

Make sure you’re going with good individuals if you’re going with others. It’s true that a company makes a man, and the same is true while visiting spiritual sites. Having good company on your trip can have a long-term impact.  Are the people you’re with going to motivate you to pray Tahajjud in the Haram and do additional tawaf, or are they going to urge you to eat a 4000 calorie McDonald’s meal at 2 a.m? As eating junk food at midnight may cause a food coma, that will make it difficult to wake up for Fajr?

Must Be Aware of the rules of Ihram

People can break simple rules without even thinking about them. For example, you won’t be able to use scented soap in Ihram state, so purchase some unscented soap before traveling. Another rule is that your ihram cannot cover your head (for men).  Another concern is that while in the state of ihram, you must cover your awrah. Wear it with caution; don’t expose yourself.

Ensure Barber’s hygiene

It is mandatory for both men & women to cut their hair at the end of Umrah. Don’t just trim your hair if you’re a man. If you don’t really want to shave your hair, snip it all around alternatively. If you do decide to shave it (which is highly recommended), must ensure the barber you visit is using a brand new disposable blade. You obviously don’t want a blood-borne disease like Hepatitis C to be transmitted to you from the dried blood of the other customer who came before you. Don’t exhibit yourself or cut your hair at the Holy Kaaba, especially if you’re a woman. Wait until you return to the hotel before taking off your hijab and cutting your hair. Don’t compromise your modesty in order to complete your Umrah.

Must Have Vaseline

This advice is only for men. You do not wear boxers or underwear while in a state of ihram. Your legs will go to chaff, and Vaseline can help a lot.

Must Visit the Prophet’s (PBUH) Rawdah

Nighttime is the finest time to visit Madinah’s Rawdah. In the Prophet’s Masjid in Madinah, there is a piece of paradise known as the Rawdah. It is carpeted with green, making it simple to identify yet hard to take advantage of. Many people come to Madinah with the intention of praying in the Rawdah, and as a result, vast crowds of people are vying for a small place. According to people who have lived in Madinah, the best time for men to try to visit the Rawdah is at night. The crowd at the Rawdah is significantly less if you wait few hours after the Isha prayer or a few hours before the Fajr prayer. Without the hustle & bustle of other times, it is much easier & comfortable to pray and have some peaceful time for reflection inside the Rawdah.

Visiting other holy sites in Madinah

According to my viewpoint, the best time to visit the sites is early in the morning, sometime between sunrise as well as Dhuhr prayer. You can visit the battlefield of Uhud and also Masjid E Quba, the Prophet Muhammad’s first masjid (PBUH). Don’t forget to pray two rakats in Masjid E Quba when you’re there to reap the rewards of Umrah.

Contact Back Your Home

If you’ve a smartphone, you can download the apps like Viber or MagicJack that allow you to call home for a free while connected to Wi-Fi.  Keep your phone in airplane mode and turn on Wi-Fi to avoid being charged absurdly high roaming charges. If you’ve an iPhone, you can now use I Messaging to message other iPhone users free of cost while the phone is still in airplane mode!

Communicate with people

Inquire about their origins. I met people from countries from I never expected to meet anyone. People from all around the world are present there. People from all across the world tend to gather in both Makkah and Madinah. Have you ever met Azerbaijani or Mauritius people? Discover more about our lovely brotherhood and sisterhood beautiful faith.

Make Supplications(dua)

It’s easy to say, but it’s even easier to do. Make dua for oneself, others, and the Ummah as a whole. You are fortunate to be in such a spiritual environment. Must take advantage of that magnificent spiritual feeling and do a lot of dua!

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Some people may be leaving soon for their lifetime religious journey. So I wanted to take a moment to offer some advice to those that will be departing soon to undertake the magnificent Umrah journey. But first, you have to book Economy Umrah Package from the UK’s best Travel Agency named “Muslims Holy Travel” that meets your needs & budget efficiently.

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I am Sitara Gul, born Muslim, right now living in United Kingdom. My love for Islam is from childhood, I don’t see it as a religion but the way of my life. I love researching and writing. Currently, I am writing for Muslims holy Travel and they have some amazing range of Hajj & Umrah packages and Halal holidays too.


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