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New Amazing Update For DishPal

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New Amazing Update For DishPal


DishPal  is getting a visual update and a number of new features

The DishPal app is continually updated with new features. These are meant to provide customers with the best user experience to fulfill orders with DishPal. If you find yourself to be on an older version, we strongly recommend that you update to the latest version in order to take advantage of new features and any potential bug fixes. These updates ensure that you have the necessary tools to be successful when ordering with DishPal.

The following are the new features that will be coming soon!


  1. DishPal Money

We will be introducing DishPal money, any user who orders from DishPal will get DishPal credit back as a return for a reward. Users may use the credit online while shopping or go to one of our partnered locations in-person and get their barcode scanned from their phone which will be linked to our system there to redeem DishPal money to purchase the item.

  1. Dine-out

Join the contactless revolution and ditch your wallet for good. DishPal is a new way to order, pay, and save in your favorite restaurants. With DishPal loaded on your phone, you tap, when you’re ready to pay,…no need to swipe or pull out cards.

  1. DishPal Magic

DishPal is the assistant you never had, delivering anything you need in minutes. Use us to order groceries, pick up a prescription, get your dog food, or have your favorite tailors deliver your new shirt.

  1. Smartwatch Feature

We’re creating a watch-based app that lets customers track orders and communicate in real-time, literally. Keep track of your orders, live tracking, even call couriers directly right from your wrist to check on the status of your order.

  1. In-App DishPal Points

DishPal Points, you get loads of great bonuses like free food, free delivery, and a lot more. Earn points for every order you make, and get rewarded for your loyalty.


  1. Tracking

we have implemented live tracking & updates that can be shared with other individuals through SMS, Email, WhatsApp, and more!

  1. In-App Games

We are developing an in-app game that users can play to win rewards and redeem for orders, prizes, or DishPal merchandise.

  1. User Friendly

DishPal allows users to easily navigate through veg and non-veg options in our menus

  1. Languages

New languages will be introduced for new markets to add a bigger customer base.

  1. *Safety*

Designed to give users the confidence that the food they order will be delivered as expected. Camera feature for the driver to take a picture of packaged foods before taking off (user receives confirmation of what they ordered). User status updates regarding the delivery and routes taken.


The future of ordering is now: Our new logo reflects a shift to the future of ordering, a more dynamic, fun, and integrated way to stay at home and order-in or go out and eat-in. We hope you like it as much as we do. 


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