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New And Updated Details About The Microsoft Xbox Series X

Modern games require modern gaming solutions. Significant features are necessary to create a real universe that can enhance the gamer’s experience. There are several resources available in the market that can be used to offer a better gaming experience.

The present generation is considered as the gaming generation, and all are happy in this generation. The current generation is satisfied because they are obsessed with several advanced gaming consoles. All thanks to the big names like Sony and Microsoft, who are working continuously to enhance the gaming experience. They have taken the console industry to another level.

Keeping all these in mind, Microsoft has planned something great for its users. They are going to launch a new gaming console with some advanced features.

Recently, Microsoft has shared the details of their upcoming Xbox Series X console. The launch has confirmed that the Xbox Velocity Architecture will soon hit the market and it offers enhanced performance because of the powerful SSD.

If you see on the Sony side, then you might find that Sony usually focuses on the hardware capabilities like the involvement of the revolutionary SSD in PS5. Microsoft works on a different approach. Basically, it works on the mixed approach of hardware and software capabilities of the Xbox Series X. The involvement of the complementary SSD storage and the BCPack allow this new Redmond console to offer outstanding performance. Microsoft is claiming these things during the release of the details about the console.

The Xbox Series X has the customized NVMe SSD storage that can help you perform several functions in the fractions of times. All thanks to this feature because it allows you to deliver the data flow of 2.4 GB / s. The speed of the data flow in Series X is 40 times more than the old Xbox One. Microsoft usually focuses on developing consoles that can deliver consistent and stable performance rather than offering higher performance.

You might notice that the console has all new hardware decompression techniques. It is a technique that helps you to minimize the download time and also offers you to optimize the space. Microsoft has worked harder for the compatibility of the Xbox Velocity Architecture with LZ decompression standards, and it also supports the BCPack, which is a proprietary algorithm of the console. With this console, you can assume the screen ratio of the 2:1. Microsoft also claims that Xbox Series X is capable of delivering 4.8 GB/s data flow.

SFS and DirectStorge API are useful features that allow the Xbox Series X to deliver amazing performance. Even all these features exceed the hardware specs and also enable you to play any game immediately as it has the 100 GB SSD storage. If you want further information, then wait for the event that is going to be held on July 23.

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