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Now All Android Phones Can Detect The Presence Of Nearby Fitbit Devices

Last year, Fitbit and Google developed partnerships, and currently, they are working together on some projects. As per the official reports, Google has purchased Fitbit for $2.1 billion.

When any partnership is established for preparing improved and advanced products and services, it proves to be a good deal for both the companies. After the collaboration of Google and Fitbit, you can expect that both the companies will use their data for the advancement of their technologies for the sake of their users.

What is Fitbit Known For?

Fitbit is known for providing a smart device that can track your activities like steps, calorie burnt, sleep, and many more. Choosing the Fitbit usually depends upon your budget, requirement, and more. Fitbit is among the best fitness trackers that you can buy right now. The price of Fitbit ranges from $79 to $250. The price varies according to the features you want to use on your fitness tracker.

All the fitness trackers by the Fitbit are water-resistant, and most of the trackers have the female health-tracker feature. All the trackers can provide the notification on your smartphone. The trackers are connected to an excellent app. From the app, you can connect your friends, who also use the same tracker and challenge them in activities like calorie burned and step tracking.

If you want the best Fitbit band, then you can buy the Fitbit Charge 4. It has all the major features that are essential for all the fitness bands and smartwatches. One of the most crucial elements of this app is the GPS that can help you in tracking your outdoor activity.

Recently, it has been discovered that all Android Smartphones can detect all the nearby smart devices. They are those bands, which need to be paired.

The recognition of the Fitbit devices is only possible because of the update of the Google Play Services. There is no formal announcement about this change from any of the companies, neither Google nor Fitbit. But you might have noticed that Google Play Services has been updated.

If you have an Android phone and Fitbit, and your phone suddenly shows the notification regarding the Fitbit, then don’t be surprised. Such notification will ask you to connect the Fitbit with your Android phone. If you are using any wearOS-powered smartwatch, you don’t need to worry as everything will remain the same. There is no update for the iOS users.

Whenever you receive any notification on your smartphone, then click on it. You will be redirected to the Play Store, and the Play Store will ask you to update the app. You can expect further advancements in the coming weeks.

Source:-  Android Phones Detect Nearby Fitbit Devices
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