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How to Eliminate Loopholes in Nursing Home Billing

Nursing Home Billing

There are multiple complexities if the patient has a long term care insurance policy. While some of the policies make payment to the resident or the policyholder, some LTC carriers pay the nursing homes directly. Medicare covers up to 100 days of skilled nursing care per the illness. However, there are a number of requirements which has to be met before any stay at the nursing home is covered.

If a patient needs more than 100 days of skilled nursing home facility care and that too in a benefit period, the payment has to be made out of pocket. All these details are extremely important to guarantee that as a nursing home facility, you are ahead with your claims and bills and know what to be billed and how the copays have to be collected upfront.

It requires a specialized intervention and a full-service approach in nursing home billing. You need to find a dedicated operational arm that knows how to transform your process of reimbursements by extending complete support.

What is The Sunknowledge Advantage in Nursing Home Billing

Currently working with some of the biggest nursing home facilities around the country, Sunknowledge delivers a full-service approach in nursing home billing. We know it all on how to handle all your pre and post billing mandates with an extensive understanding of the adjudication priorities.

Our team has been serving some of the largest names and that too with excellent references with a proven track record of reducing operational costs by 75%. Also, we have been exceptional in our niche ability to offer task-specific support inpatient entry, checking the eligibility, submitting the claims, managing the denials, collecting the aging accounts receivable as well as posting your patients.

Not only that, but we are also versatile across all billing systems and take pride in offering resources that have the highest productivity metrics in the entire RCM world. Speak to our experts and get to know how we set the benchmark in nursing home billing. We can transform your cash flow with dedicated resources working for only 1.99% or $7 per hour.

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