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On-Demand Taxi Booking Apps Ruling The Market

There was a time when we have to hail a cab or taxi just for it to go right past us. It was the most frustrating thing that I faced. Smartphones have somehow simplified the work by adding the on-demand taxi app development services in a long list of advantages.

In the present time, hailing a taxi is no longer a daunting task that requires signaling and standing at a place to wait for it.

We have apps available in the market that allows us to easily book the taxi or cab with just a tap and in a few minutes, a taxi will be available at the doorstep. On top of that, there is no need to guide the driver for the route since it is all entered while booking a cab.

Who would have thought that it will be so easy in the future to hail the cab and get the work down the road?

There is no waving or shouting for the taxi to get to stop since the globalization has adopted new modes of technical advancement. The online taxi booking app has to be a great transportation advancement that technology and great minds have offered. Whether you are going to the office, hospital, shopping, airport, or dropping kid(s) to school, taxi booking apps got it all covered.

However, with such a great idea, comes competition in the market that is ever-growing over time and hence, you will require a reliable mobile app development company. We have so many taxi booking app in the market at the present time that has made people wonder what to use and whatnot.

To overcome such a dilemma of individuals, we have summed up the best on-demand taxi booking app solutions that you will make you thankful to us.

So, let’s get this car rolling down the road before diving into the mobile app development platform phase.

#1 Uber

The best thing about Uber is that it has no fixed charges and it places the cost as per the distance and time of individuals. Being the biggest name when it comes to cab services, Uber is ruling the market since 2009 when Garrett Camp started this idea as UberCap. However, the best taxi app gradually spread its wings and expanded in 2014 as the food delivery app known as Uber Eats.

Uber, at the present time, is a brand name that has marked quality in the market with its apt and affordable services. It is covering the highest number of countries and cities with the number going beyond 70 making it a worldwide service. Uber business model is the most trusted model that make investors run for such security for future success. There are several services covered up under Uber such as UberGo, UberSUV, UberBlack, UberPool, and UberXL.

On top of that, Uber is available in all the major platforms including Windows, Android, and iOS making people go for uber like taxi applications.

#2 Ola

Similar to Uber, ola fare is estimated as per the algorithm of time and distance to come up with an affordable price. It comes as the fastest growing app that has spread its wings in the market right after Uber as the taxi booking app in 2010.

Ola is an Indian-based cab booking that offers different services including ride service hailing, peer-to-peer ridesharing, food delivery, and taxi ordering. At the present moment, Ola services are spread out to more than 250 cities including cabs and auto-rickshaw services.

The services are no longer limited to the Indian market but are spread out in New Zealand, UK, and Australian markets as well. Ola services include different services such as Luxury, Luxury SUV, Bike, Auto-Rikshaw, and Mini that makes it one of the taxi apps like uber.


Lyft also depends upon the distance and time to decide the price of the ride in the United States of America and Canada. In 2012, after the establishment of Uber and Ola, Lyft came into play in Canada and the United States as major car rides, bicycle sharing, scooters, and food delivery app.

It is considered as a trustworthy, safe, and easier taxi booking app running across more than 60 cities. The funding source of the app is added up in the app that makes it a bit different than Ola and Uber including Google Wallet, Apple Pay, Lyft Gift Card, PayPal, and Credit Card. This includes different cab services such as Lux Black, Lyft XL, Shared Ride, Lux Black XL, and Lux.

Lyft faced a loss of around $463.5 million in 2019 (June-September) but is running smoothly as for now.

#4 MobyCab

MobyCab founded in 2018 as the on-demand idea to offer an online taxi booking app to the users. The UK based app was used for several on-demand services including courier and transportation. The app is compatible with Android and iOS running in across the United Kingdom and India.

The MobyCab platform is the fastest growing company in India, making it an ideal choice for the users as well as drivers. There are a number of features added up in the app that includes no hidden charges, fixed rates, multiple account support, payment methods, and invoices.

#5 Grab

Anthony Tan and Tan Hooi Ling founded Grab in 2012 as the Private Taxi Booking App. This taxi-hailing app runs on the location-sharing system that assigns the private cars or taxis to the commuters locally. The Southeast Asia-based taxi booking app works well in the country with expansion as GrabTaxi in other countries and GrabTaksi in Malaysia.

With a lot of struggle and hardship, it was possible for Tan to establish the app and finally be at the top of the chart. Slowly, the expansion includes Singapore, Phillippines, and Thailand with licensed partners for peak hours.

As per the records of 2018, the app has over 2 million driving partners, 3.5 million active users on a daily basis, and 68 million downloads. The taxi booking app design includes features as tracking ride, pre-screening of drivers, and multiple platforms.

Be Off To Road

These apps are considered to be the clone of Uber with their own special features added to the list. The special features make them unique and stand out from the crowd in the world with so many taxi booking apps.

Over time, the taxi booking apps are becoming more flexible and reliable for the customer while helping drivers to earn some extra bucks. Are you looking out to create on-demand taxi solutions with a tint of your uniqueness? In this way, Anycab Technology will be the world’s best taxi dispatch system, where they bridge the gap between the customers and taxi companies. It should provide a scintillating smart dispatch solution for taxi companies included with white label apps for android and IOS.
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