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Online cake delivery in Vadodara to surprise your loved ones

Working from home we are all busy doing our part in double shifts from doing essential work for our offices but also searching for basic necessities for our loved ones has become a task. Amidst all this hustle we are forgetting the one other thing we need the most, which is positivity and sanity. To stay patient, indoors and happy with ourselves during such testing times holds the utmost importance. Despite shutdowns you can opt for online cake delivery in Vadodara¬† and our inability to move outdoors and do things as we please, it is time to be grateful to be staying inside and living a healthy life. To help others is to help yourself achieve a good night’s sleep. Today we have a few ideas on how you can help yourself indirectly.


Send a cake


Send an online cake delivery in Vadodara to your known person’s house and make their day with something sweet and tasteful. Give them a day without worries but berries instead with a fruit cake or a chocolate cake with exotic toppings. Along with it send a complimentary greeting card and say all that is in your heart. Remind them of the charismatic selves they are and of the good old days that will soon come back.

Add few additional things

Along with the cake send some additional things like flowers and party decoration items so that they can celebrate at their home.



Digital greeting card


Digital greeting cards are in a lot of trends and are gracious options to send love to someone in the most subtle and heartfelt way. You can get anything written on it based on your mood and relationship. And you can send them every day. Deleting the need of going out of your house let alone interacting with a seller and getting it delivered is a benefit to avail. An online gifting portal is the best way to go about it.




Send bouquets to the places of your loved ones to make their mornings happy with freshness and fragrance from all corners. Send along a little card that says more than you can. Give them something that reminds them of growth and life. As they watch them grow and live they will find motivation themselves and the littlest bit of courage is all we need during these times.


Online musicians and singers


Using an online gift portal you can’t actually send a loved one interaction or online concert with a singer or a guitarist on a video call. The three of you can have the heartiest time together with it. You can also do a little dancing and singing in your houses without having to go outside and risk yourselves. You can lighten someone’s mood, brighten someone’s day or express your feelings in the time of lockdown too.


Video messages


There’s nothing more satisfying in today’s time than knowing that you are loved by someone and that someone encourages you by being there and draws energy and love from your vibrations. To be an inspiration and source of light in someone’s life is incredible, beyond comparison. All this is exactly what you can convey in your video message to your special one and remind them of just how special they are.


Anecdotes from the past


Remind someone of the blast from the past by sharing the messages and cards that are full of stories from the time you two were inseparable and not even Covid could do any good or bad. The stories from college life or childhood when you couldn’t stop playing and that one time one of you really got hurt well that’s a time not everyone can forget. You can also opt for Online Cake delivery in Vadodara to and cut the cake for your friend.


PDA on social media


Make videos with photos from the past and post them on your social media. Do a different thing for each one of your friends and family members. Tag them and spread laughter as they watch it and go into the nostalgic zone.


Attend workshops online


Gather a group of your friends who find interest in the same things as you. Find people who conduct workshops on such things and make it a habit to attend at least two in a week to keep learning something new as you maintain your sanity.


Birthday Chronicles

This could be the another best surprise gift to impress your loved ones because everybody wants to see their image in the newspaper many of the online gift portal offers the digital gifts for this you can buy one from them and you can take this chronicle along with it do the group video call

Virtual Caricature

Now, this is some other a unique gift you can gift to your all time best buddy he will definitely love it a caricature on the wooden platform of some funny image of his will definitely make his quarantine birthday special.

Birthday Countdown Mails

We do this on social media on Instagram now what you can do is send your birthday boy numerous email that will represent the counting start from the week he/she will definitely love this surprise you can add more to it by doing the same on thing on Instagram stories.

Wishes By Strangers

Everybody loves when unknown persons wishes him/her now add more to the fun you call at 12 midnight on the day of this birthday along with you bring on several friends of yours together to wish you all time buddy a very happy birthday.

Dinner party over a Video Call

This is the best among the lot when your family and your friend’s family will chit chat over the video call along with it you can cook each other favourite dishes may be tandoori paneer, chicken tandoori masala or whatever you like along with it desserts like gulab jamun and ras malai will definitely do a trick.

Help out the needy


Tell your friend to do some good deed this birthday month because world is going through the tough time and poor people require our help some financial help or the packet of food items will be sufficient to bring that mile on their face.

Plan a treasure hunt

This is the trump card that he/she will surely like after the pre birthday gift this is the best thing to keep him busy in solving the riddles this will be the main gift for the birthday boy and you cant give him that easy place the cards with the instructions on them to find the gift and scatter them throughtout the house ask him to seek the help of these cards.



Everybody is feeling some kind of anxiety this lockdown and the only way to get over it is coming together for every occassion and celebrating it together because you cant socialise outside you and your family cant do that by sitting at the comfort of your home these are the best lockdown gifts to surprise your loved ones in 2021 quarantine period dont forget to add online cake delivery in Vadodara to your rescue when it comes for cake delivery services
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