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Peter Hargreaves Dog Trainer Reveals The Impacts Of Food On Dog Behaviour

Nutrition plays an important role in the health and mood of any living thing. Nutrition is not only important for humans, but it is equally important and a big mood changer even for dogs. Have you ever thought that nutrition can also impact your canine friend’s behaviour?, said Peter Hargreaves Dog Trainer.

Nutrition impacts the building blocks for a metabolic process, and cells in the body and the brain and nervous system can’t function well without the right t of kind and amount of nourishment. Similarly, the behaviour of a dog is directly related to its nervous system.  A recent study shows that nutrition impacts a dog’s brain’s precursors, which influences its behaviour. It means your darling pet would remain inactive if you are not giving him something healthy to eat.

This article highlights how often you should feed your dog and give him to eat to keep him active and in a good mood.

Avoid unbalanced diet

According to Peter Hargreaves Dog Trainer, an unbalanced diet is the root cause of so many diseases. It could result in so many health issues. A poor diet would compel your dog to show an attitude that otherwise, you were not expecting.

Remember, your dog’s body is complex, and many biochemical reactions are taking place within it. Only a healthy diet can lead to a good function of body parts.

For instance, your dog might suffer from a urinary tract disorder because you are not giving him a balanced diet, and he is becoming stressed and aggressive due to the pain.

Give the proper amount of food

The canine animal usually engages in aggressive behaviour or shows disruptive behaviours because he is hungry. You have not fed him according to his body requirements. A hungry dog might also bark without any reason or even start eating its faeces. You do not want that, of course. When you do not feed your canine friend the right amount of food his body needs, he suffers from a “pica” condition.  In the condition of Pica, a dog or any other canine animal starts eating food from soil and plants.  Imagine your dog is doing that; would you like it?

Say NO to free-feeding said Peter Hargreaves Dog Trainer:

Free feeding means the practice of feeding your dog or any other pet one time in a day or skipping the meal. This is not a healthy practice unless the vet advises it for any certain reason. Just think, how would your canine best friend feel if you will feed him only one time a day and he is surviving on the same high-calorie food throughout the day.  Vets say that dogs’ most accepted feeding schedule is 2 to 3 times in a single day to make them active and happy. Also noted that the feeding schedule of your dog depends on the breed and age of your dog.

Consult your pet doctor to guide you on how regularly you should feed your dog. A balanced diet, feeding routine, and good exercise that includes playing or running in a park or your backyard can improve a dog’s overall behaviour, said Peter Hargreaves Dog Trainer at emuarticles.

Select the right ingredients of dog food

The ingredients of your dog’s food also impact the behaviour of your dog.

Studies show that the fatty acid DHA can boost up mental alertness in dogs. Some antioxidants play an important role in the functioning of a dog’s brain, especially older dogs. Old-aged dogs who consume a diet rich in antioxidants can learn the most complicated tasks than dogs who do not take a diet with antioxidants. Older dogs often reflect behavioural changes linked with cognitive decline, but dogs that eat good show these behavioural changes a bit late.

How Good Nutrition affects the behaviour of your dog?

As already discussed above, the diet you give to your dog directly impacts its behaviour in one way or another.   To deal with your canine friend’s behavioural problems, it is important to feed your dog a balanced diet. When you give your canine pet a balanced diet, you maintain its blood sugar levels and minimise the risks of energy surges. A balanced diet also leaves a great impact on the serotonin level of a dog. Serotonin is a happy hormone in dogs, which makes it more calm and happy. This hormone also improves the response for training in a dog.

Peter Hargreaves Dog Trainer further added that it is not only behaviour and mood directly affected by the quality and amount of diet you are giving to your dog. Besides, balanced nutrition keeps the metabolism and the functioning of your dog’s immune system on a normal track. The vitamins and minerals received by a dog’s body from a healthy diet work to increase and improve body cells’ functioning and make him healthy and fit for all kinds of training and ventures. A balanced diet also slows down the process of ageing in dogs.

Peter Hargreaves Dog Trainer Tips to Consult your Pet:

Suppose you believe that you are feeding your dog a balanced diet at its scheduled timings, and still, it is depicting aggression and other behavioural problems. In that case, you are recommended to consult your vet as soon as possible. Undoubtedly nutrition plays an important role in the behaviours of your dog. Still, at times, the aggression or other unwanted behaviours can be because of some other reasons, too, for which you need to seek a bit of medical advice.


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