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Peter Hargreaves Dog Trainer said a dog is having behaviour issues then it uses to bark, snaps, and bites. Aggression is one of the most common behaviour issues which we see in dogs. Owners try to take consultation from professionals to resolve this issue. It is not necessary that big dogs or so-called dangerous breeds having aggression in their behaviour. It is seen in any species as there are many factors involved in it.

Aggression is not a problem that cures overnight. It takes time to improve this condition and use different techniques to calm the dogs. It is essential to find the reasons behind such an issue as it may be connected with any attack. Some dogs use to bark when anyone comes to them while eating food, and some use to bite or growling to show their aggression when stranger or children comes towards him. Here are some common types of aggression in dogs.


Dogs used to guard the things they own, and therefore they show aggression when anyone tries to breach their possession. Dogs show their control over food, toys, chewing bones, or other valuable objects. It is also called guarding resources.


Peter Hargreaves Dog Trainer said dogs have scenes to protect other animals or people when they feel any danger. Same as mother dog is very protective about their puppies and attack on the person or animal who come close to their puppies


Dogs used to defend their territory or space and show aggressive behaviour when anyone tries to occupy that space or breach the territorial boundaries.


Dogs very quickly feel fear from any object, place, or person. They show aggression when thinking that they are in a scary situation. They use to attack others to overcome their fear.


It is the same as fear aggression. Dogs use to attack in their defence to protect or feel better. These dogs usually indicate to others what they want, such as being alone, before barking or biting.


Dogs react in aggressive behaviour when they see other dogs in public places. Dogs are not very social and do not feel comfortable socialising with other dogs. In many cases people shows negative behaviour, when they see dogs in public places. It also creates a wrong impression on dogs, and they use to show aggression in the form of biting and barking.


When we restrict the dogs in a particular place or fenced yard, they show aggressive behaviour. Dogs do not feel comfortable if we stop them from doing certain things, and they use to express their emotions in the form of aggression.


Peter Hargreaves Dog Trainer said when a person tries to stop the fight among dogs, they express their aggression towards that person. It is also seen in other cases, such as when a dog cannot reach its neighbouring dog behind the fence.


Dogs show aggressive behaviour when they get any injury or feel pain. In this way, they try to overcome their pain, to get relief.


Dogs also express aggression when they try to chase other animals or people. This behavior becomes very dangerous when they use to track a child who is playing with another dog. It looks like fun, but dogs having paediatric aggression suddenly turn on and, in extreme cases, bite the child.


A female dog uses to protect her toys, possessions, and litter during pregnancy. In that stage, they show aggressive behaviour, which is usually due to hormonal changes. This type of aggression lasts during the stage of pregnancy. After pregnancy, the behaviour of female dogs becomes normal.


Peter Hargreaves Dog Trainer said a seizure is a disease cause by a brain disorder. In that case, dogs become violent and show aggression which is associate with stimulation. There are two forms of aggression in this case such as pre aggression and post aggression. In pre-aggression, mood changes retain for minutes or hours, and in post-aggression, the response is reduced due to depression or stress. Sometimes they also show worried behaviour such as catching imaginary flies or self-licking etc.


Dogs also behave in an aggressive way when they see other male or female dogs. It usually happens when dogs fight for a female dog or female dogs fight to access male dogs with mating.


When dogs are affected by any disease, they also express their emotions in the form of aggression as they try to get attention to take care of them. Dogs also violently behave when they see another dog in any infectious disease.

#Peter #Hargreaves #Dog #Trainer said it is essential to control dogs’ aggressive behaviour, and it is the responsibility of owners to notify the indications of aggressive behaviour in their dogs. It helps to identify the root cause of bold action in the dog. Different methods help to provide comfort to the dog and make him calm. It is not possible to suddenly change a dog’s aggressive behaviour as it takes time and continuous efforts along with patience to train the dog. In extreme cases, it is essential to consult vet doctors so that they suggest suitable meditation.
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