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Best Place to Find Motorized Curtains in Abu Dhabu

Place to Find Motorized Curtains

A group of people from the Tourism & Culture Department of Abu Dhabi have created an idea that will allow tourists and residents alike to experience a new and fun way to enjoy Emirati culture. That is, instead of holding parties in the traditional parties held in parties, they are developing party rentals, similar to what would be done in vacation homes and condominiums around the world. The advantage to this is that guests will not be affected by the events taking place and can simply enjoy the times as it happens.

The innovative design concept allows guests to rent motorized curtains which can be programmed with their own lights, music, and guests. Guests can then feel like they are right in the middle of the party instead of sitting in their own home, eating their food, and getting boring after awhile.If you wanted you can check Motorized Curtains abu dhabi Most of the ideas that were built for this concept involved the use of electric motors which made the curtains pull curtains back and forth.

Many ideas included using LED’s which allowed people to make up the light bulbs themselves. The advantage to this is that the light bulbs would not wear out as quickly as with regular lights. Another idea was a light which would mimic the lights from the sun coming through the windows which would give everyone in the room the feeling that they were sun bathing inside. This light would be programmed to switch on and off depending on what was happening in the room, or simply on and off all the time.

Many of the concepts came about from the fact that many of the hotels in Abu Dhabi were becoming expensive for tourists and business travelers. They wanted to give them a different way to experience Emirati culture at large. So these buildings became the sites of parties instead of normal hotels.
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