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Popular Pokémon Eevee Gets Brilliant Set of New Fan Evolutions!

Eevee is one of the original Pokémons which has been a fan-favorite since the beginning of the show. First featured in the mid-90s, the monster has had its movie, has been added to many reiterations of the show and games over the years. The following is based on the fact that the seemingly cute normal type Pokémon can evolve into various forms that are way more deadly or stronger than the original one. And since last week, a fan by the handle PTickles has taken to Reddit to showcase the fantastic evolutions the Pokémon can take.

Although it can’t currently achieve the unique typings that are shown in the different evolutions by PTickles, it portrays what all is possible in the future. It all started last week with the art of a Fighting-type Eevee named Champeon. The handle has since then brought out five more versions. The sixth entrant is a potential Poison-type Pokémon called Scorpeon. In line with their ‘-eon’ series, this is a robust evolution based on a character from Greek Mythology. The creature, called Manticore, is a combination of two animals, with a scorpion’s tail and a lion’s body.

How would evolution take place?

The handle, PTickles, mentioned that they do not like to complicate the process of evolution much. And thus, for Eevee to evolve into this poisonous avatar, you can level it up through an ‘Eevee afflicted by the poison status effect.’ They have thought out the color as well as what it represents, which makes for the bulk of the effort that went into designing it. Taking a cue from a scientific phenomenon, aposematism, the Eevee is magenta coated. This showcases its poisonous aspect to predators from afar and acts as a defense mechanism.

What comes next from the artists?

The artists are currently in process to create the Normal-type and Dragon evolutions. You can find the Flying and Ground-types on their Instagram page. And they are also working on a ???-type evolve that is no more part of the series since Generation 5.

We are still awaiting more evolutions of this fan-favorite monster as the artists have announced more versions. The Pokémon that has enjoyed the status of a pseudo mascot for the globally famous franchise is still the talk of the town when it comes to fans. And the future seems bright for this bug-eyed cutie.

Source:- Pokémon Eevee
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