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Positive Effects of Online Quran Learning on your Life

When you decide to learn Quran online, be ready for some significant changes in your life. These changes are in no way negative. Learning Quran is the holiest of deeds and it brings some very positive changes in your everyday life. Online Quran learning is different from face-to-face or traditional classroom learning and you should know the implications and pleasant effects that come with it. In this article, we are going to highlight a few of such positive effects.

  1. Inner Peace

Religion is one of the most profound sources of inner peace. It strengthens you from within. It solidifies you when you believe in a superior force. Islam is the second most popular religion with billions of followers. The Quran is its Holy book which is a direct word of Allah. Allah Himself urges Muslims in particular and the whole of humanity in general to learn Quran. Learning Quran not only equips you with all the tools necessary to live a peaceful and successful life but is also a great source of mental peace.

This is the most profound effect that you will see after taking a few learn Quran online sessions. You will witness composure and peace of mind that will take your worries away. Learning Quran and applying its teachings in your life do wonders and you will only see it when you do it. Reciting a few verses of the Quran daily will greatly fill your heart with satisfaction and unknown happiness.

2. Discipline

Another great advantage of learning Quran online is the discipline it brings to your life. Like praying five times a day, taking an online Quran class every day will discipline your life. During my online Quran teaching career, I have witnessed a lot of students whose lives changed for the better in terms of discipline after that started to learn Quran online.

When you know you have an online class at a specific time, you will try to complete your other activities on time. This will bring efficiency to your work and save you a lot of time that would go wasted otherwise. I guarantee you this will come automatically in your life provided you are serious and regular in your online Quran learning efforts and you will see very positive results in every area of your life.

3. Knowledge

If you want to learn about every subject in a single book, learn Quran. This is not an overstatement. The holy Quran is the single book that contains authentic knowledge about tens of subjects whether it’s economy, politics, astronomy, history, science, law, or general social issues and their solutions. Since these teachings have come directly from Allah, there is no question about their authenticity.

The Quran informs those people who do good deeds in this world about all the good things that will happen to them in the world after this. It also warns the wrongdoers about the horrifying consequences. Learning Quran is like learning the knowledge of thousands of books on a vast variety of subjects. Its teachings and wisdom will enlighten you to the core. An online Tafseer course with a highly qualified tutor will transmit the Quranic knowledge to you by teaching you word by word meaning and detailed translation and interpretation of every verse and the general philosophy behind that verse.

In order to maximize your learning of the Quran online, make sure your online Quran tutor is qualified and experienced enough to teach you the concepts in an easy and correct way. He/she should have a firm grasp of the Quranic Arabic and the Arabic language and must have a relevant degree.

4. Improvement in general conduct

Understanding the Quran will make the best version of you. It will make you the best human being. Since the Quran focuses a great deal on the rights of other individuals, you will become more considerate of them. Learning Quran online will activate within you all the good qualities of patience, selflessness, forgiveness, truthfulness, kindness, etc. By learning the holy Quran, you will know how to be a good parent, spouse, friend, sibling, neighbor, teacher, employee, and above all a good citizen. In short, applying the Quranic teachings in your lives in letter and spirit will take the best human being out of you and transform you into the person Allah wanted you to be. Some of the major changes you will see in your conduct are:

  • You will discourage racism for the Quran teaches us that Allah judges us according to our righteousness alone. Unites people of many cultures.
  • Shows us the folly of violence.
  • Helps us focus our minds on what’s most important.
  • Encourages intellectual integrity.
  • Gives us examples of heroically righteous men, women, and children.
  • Counters the world’s attempts to make heroes of sinful people.
  • Teaches us how to pray.

Learn Quran online with all your heart and see the significant changes in your lives.

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