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Press Release Example: How To Deliver a Great Press Release

It is important to spread the word about any new business or client. A press release allows you to share an inside vantage point of your company or business. You can stimulate a media buzz by effectively drafting and distributing press releases.

A press release example can help guide you in creating an impactful press release. We want to guide you on creating a dynamic release that will draw in readers and promote your brand.

What is a Press Release?

Press releases are tools used by brands to share newsworthy information with journalists and media groups. This is a cost-effective way to gain media attention and share reliable content with newsgroups.

Press release distribution is the circulation of a press release to journalists and press members. By sending off press releases, you can generate news coverage and expand your brand.

A press release can be used to get your brand visible to larger audiences. To make your press release impactful, it requires intentionality from creation to distribution.

Impact of Effective Press Release

Press releases are used to promote something by notifying the media in hopes that the media will recirculate their release.

Writing a press release allows you to speak directly to a large audience. Press releases allow you to circulate primary source information that is reliable. There are many benefits of producing an effective press release.

Improves Brand Recognition

By getting your brand’s press releases published on news networks, you can tap into the network of the media network. This increased awareness will allow you to boost your brand recognition.

A well-written article can be designed to redirect readers to your owned media. The media network may include backlinks to your company’s website, which will boost your searchability. The inclusion of backlinks is an effective way to boost your SEO.

Foster Relationships with Media Networks

Not only is the circulation of press releases a way of gaining free media attention for you, but it is also beneficial for journalists. Media networks are always looking for stories to publish.

By routinely sending out newsworthy press releases, you can give journalists a steady stream of content to publish. You can maintain this relationship and gain some remnants of control of what the media says about your brand.

How to Write a Press Release

Media industries receive a surplus of press releases every day. It is important that you craft an eye-catching press release and convince the media to circulate your information.

When creating the press release, you want to keep it succinct and simple. When creating a press release, you need to trim fluff and be direct to keep the reader’s attention. You can create an effective press release in a few simple steps.

Draft Topics

Gaining news coverage is a great way to gain traction on a new product or looking to improve brand recognition. It is important that you can shape your brand to be “newsworthy.”

Your content is defined as newsworthy if it will be impactful, current, and relevant to the network’s consumers. The most successful press releases can hit those marks.

You can take a single story and shape a variety of topics from that. Every new story has an angle that it is using to frame a story. You should look into the angle that your desired new source takes and keep that in mind when drafting your topic.

You can start by creating a list of relevant and current stories that are connected to your brand. Be sure to loop in media specialists and any contacts you have in the media industry to get consultations on effective topics. Consulting experts can help you make sure you use your time wisely.

Write Your Hook and Headline

When creating your headline, you want to create something that will introduce your topic and impress the journalist. This needs to draw in the reader and introduce the topic of the release in a few words.

An effective headline allows consumers to quickly decide whether or not they want to read the release. A good headline follows these criteria:

  • Believable
  • Active Voice
  • Easy to Read
  • Brief
  • Accurate

Although these may sound simple, it can be difficult to make something sound relevant and interesting in a few simple words. You want to introduce the topic clearly, while still giving the reader a reason to read on.

Write Your Lead

Once you have hooked your reader with a strong headline, you need to convince them to keep reading. Your lead is the first paragraph of your release; this paragraph should act as an abstract and give your reader all of the necessary information.

Your lead paragraph should do the following:

  • Introduce the characters
  • Clearly state the topic
  • Provide a timeline
  • Explain location
  • Share why this story matters

If these details are present in your lead paragraph, your reader will have clarity as they continue through the rest of the release. Readers will review your lead article and headline and, at that point, decide if the remainder of the release is worth reading.

Create Your Body Paragraphs

The body of your press release should include all of the important facts and quotes. This area is where you can share any evidence, background information, or controversy.

Your brand’s role in the story needs to remain relevant throughout this part of the press release. Ensure that all information included in the release is thorough and fact-checked.

Gather Quotes

Quotes are an effective way to reinforce your story. This allows you to include statements from reliable individuals that echo the claims made in the release.

Your body paragraphs will gain more legitimacy once you imbed supporting quotes. Gathering quotes from key characters in your release can be a tool to add credibility.

Add Boilerplate Branding

A boilerplate is the part of a press release that gives out business information. This is located at the end of your press release. It is used to add credibility and share more vital branding information.

Data shows that journalists spend less than a minute reviewing potential releases. A strong boilerplate is attention-grabbing and can easily allow journalists to identify if the company. A company’s branding makes it easy for journalists to quickly decide if it is relevant to their audience.

Boilerplates can be used to showcase the company culture and recent achievements. The boilerplate is a quick way for journalists to assess the brand’s relevancy before recirculating the press release.

Deliver a Killer Pitch

A great pitch can sell your release to journalists. This is your opportunity to be personable and work towards building a rapport with members of the media industry.

Sending a direct and personalized email is the most effective way to send off your press release. Sending your email in a BCC is an ineffective tool, as it seems less personal. Personalized emails are 26% more likely to be read in a crowded inbox.

Journalists receive a flood of pitches every day, so you must be able to make the brief memorable. You want to be brief in your email while sharing the content of the release in your pitch.

Get Started With Templates of Press Release Examples

Press releases can boost your company’s public relations strategy. By rapidly pumping out press releases you can ensure a constant stream of publicity for your brand. Press releases can be used to help fuel the news cycle and promote your brand.

Using examples and templates is a great way to pump out content. You can write your content in a professional template to improve the potential of your releases.

Finding the Right Template

When you use a template to format your press release, you can produce professional content with minimal effort. When using a compact template, you can share news in an easy-to-read way that is desirable to news networks.

You can use templates as a guide from the development of the release to creating the pitch email. You can find easy-to-download templates and examples to help guide you.

Input Your Original Content

When creating a press release, it is important to retain originality while following a template. You can take a press release sample and template to plug in new information.

You will want to tailor each release to your audience. Between media networks, your press release may require very minimal edits. You want to revise all of your content, include the boilerplate, to make sure that it is in line with the media produced by that outlet.

When inputting your content, it is necessary to provide an original vantage point. This unique perspective can help keep you keep your press releases relevant.

Circulate Your Releases to News Networks

The main purpose of a press release is to promote a company’s brand and update news network audiences on current events. Press releases are only effective once they have been spread to large audiences.

Creating your release is only the first step. After you finish editing and revising your release, it is important to circulate your release to news networks. You can distribute these press releases to journalists at news networks or to a distribution service.

Build Out Your Industry Contacts

The most organic method of press release distribution is to generate contacts in the media industry. It is important to properly work on distributing the press release.

Once you have begun contacting journalists, you can build out a strong network. When sending off press releases to journalists, you need to accompany these articles with a sales pitch. You need to create a detailed contact book to send your press release to.

You can tailor each delivery with a killer pitch that appeals to a specific network’s writing style. Not only does a pitch email allow you to sell your release, but it allows you to make a universal press release seem tailored.

Once you send off your pitch, it necessary to follow up with your journalist sources. Writers must work on fostering a strong relationship with journalists. By building a strong work relationship, you increase the likelihood of your press releases being shared by the media network.

It is important to maintain your relationships with industry contacts to boost your publishing rates. A strong network of industry contacts can allow you to expand your brand and stay relevant in the news cycle.

Utilize a Press Release Distribution Services

You can connect with a service that specializes in press release distribution. Distribution services send off your press release to a targeted group of journalists.

These releases are sent off to media outlets for future circulation. This subscription service allows you to connect with a multitude of locations with the push of a button.

eReleases is a press release service that is focused on distributing press releases from small businesses. This service offers the ability to quickly distribute your press release to various news networks from a single source.

Expand Your Audience With Press Release Distribution

Using a press release can allow you to rely on the pre-established news networks of large media companies. This allows you to expand your audience and share relevant information while promoting your brand.

Press releases are a tool that can be easily leveraged to help stimulate a media buzz around your brand. Don’t be afraid to use a press release example as a guide. You can use press releases as a way to tactfully improve your business.

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