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Processing garlic: cutting, chopping, pressing?

If you want to process garlic, at some point the all-important question arises: How do I do it right? The answer: It all depends on what you need the garlic for.

So, this is all about to mince the garlic for your cooking and taste. But always keep focus to keep the minced garlic to cloves proportion level so your taste can be maintained.

For example, if you want to season a pizza with garlic and don’t want to use additional oil, you should cut or chop the toes. Because only the small pieces or cubes can then be evenly distributed on the pizza without garlic “nests” forming. Pressed garlic is simply too mushy for that. But if you want to process garlic, for example in a salad dressing, you should press it – preferably manually. Then you don’t suddenly bite individual pieces of garlic later. We will show you the right technique for each method.

Process garlic: cut

A garlic cutter is best for cutting garlic. These devices are available from different manufacturers. A garlic cutter works in a similar way to a pepper mill: After the individual cloves of garlic have been peeled , you put a maximum of two cloves into the cutter, close it and start turning the upper part – like a pepper mill. The turning movement presses the toes against the very sharp knife and cuts them into fine cubes. In this way you can spread the garlic very comfortably, without odour on your hands and very evenly over a dish – even at the table. The only disadvantage: The devices consist of a large number of individual parts, all of which have to be cleaned afterwards. But one precaution in using minced garlic is that you should know how much minced garlic equals one clove? So use the right minced garlic’s quantity in your cooking. 

Process garlic: chop it

If a garlic cutter is too complicated or simply too expensive for you, you can of course do the job by hand. After peeling the garlic, it is first cut into thin slices with a good knife. Then you grasp the knife with one hand by the handle and the other by the tip and begin to “weigh” the blade over the garlic slices by letting the blade rock back and forth. Of course, this is only possible with a large knife with a slightly round blade. Disadvantage of this process: it usually doesn’t work without a garlic smell on your fingers. Advantage: You don’t need any special skills to make small pieces of garlic.

Process garlic: press

If you need the garlic for a salad dressing, for example, you should press it. The most popular method is to use a simple garlic press. Without having to peel the toe first, it comes into the press. Pressing the two handles pushes the toe through the holes, leaving the shell inside. Disadvantage: Cleaning such a press can be quite uncomfortable because the garlic sticks in the small holes.

Process garlic like a pro

Have you ever tried seasoning a tomato salad with garlic? In combination with ginger it becomes a real delicacy. So that you don’t bite on pieces of garlic or ginger later, both are made into a paste . It’s quick and easy. First you cut the garlic (and also the ginger) into small cubes – preferably with a sharp knife. Then sprinkle some salt about the bits. It works best with slightly coarse salt. Now start pressing the salt onto the garlic (and ginger) with the knife, always pulling the blade forwards and backwards. The salt works like coarse sandpaper: the garlic (and also the ginger) turns into a paste after a few minutes. This can then be further processed in a salad sauce, in the herb butter or in the tomato salad. Good Appetite!

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