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Professional Credentials: Best Way to Bag Jobs Post Graduation

Professional Credentials

Post-college, every degree holder seeks an ideal job that can get him the money and respect, both at the same time. However, it’s termed a difficult task, if you didn’t get placed from the college itself. To crack the job-interviews of the top 10% jobs that pay handsomely across industries, you need to be highly skillful, or else, you stand no chance given the intense competition.

Just think of the best ways to get skilled without spending a dime, and that too, in a quick duration. It’s acquiring the professional credentials in your industry domain. One can obtain these while enrolling online from the comfort of their homes. Even the qualifying examination happens online, that you can take from any place whatsoever, home, office, cafe, or whatever. All you need is a good internet connection.

Unemployment rate of U.S. college graduates, by major in 2019

Unemployment rate

Source: Statista

The biggest benefit associated with acquiring skill-specific industry-relevant professional credentials is that you gain a competitive edge over others that hustle for the same job role you have applied for.

3 Valuable Tips to Bagging Dream Jobs Post Graduation

#1. Plan the Selection of Your College and Major

In conventional times, it was considered okay to figure out the college or university you would like to study in, and the course you would choose, post completing your degree. In the present times, students already have a fair idea of what they will be studying, and where, well in advance.

And, it’s only mindful that you too, be clear on what career you would like to have, soon after completing your high school diploma. This way, you can make the road smooth towards your potential career.

#2. Where You Spend the Majority of Your Time is Where Your Career Is

Still unable to chalk out a prospective career plan? Here is a useful tip. Don’t follow your passion. That’s what Mark Cuban says, who is a successful entrepreneur and a television star. He advises people not to follow their passion, as we have many in life. Most of them do not translate into successful careers.

Simply contemplate on where you spend most of your time, and you will find the vital answer. Whatever you spend the majority of your time into, you develop skills pertaining to the sector, which eventually develops expertise in that specific field of work.

#3. Choose a Career That Demands Unique Skills

There exist career paths that are extremely populated with aspirants, while there are others, there exist a scarcity of skilled professionals. Employers to some extent are found begging for candidates in these specific job functions that demand specialized skills. Study a major in a subject that will turn you into an individual with a unique set of skills. And later, when you seek an opportunity, there will be a limited number of candidates eyeing the same job role, which makes it considerably easy to get selected.

Professional Certifications Serve as a Big Deal in Beating the Competition

There exist numerous credentialing organizations across the world that offer vendor-neutral certifications in varied job skills that are high in demand across industries. Enroll in one of them keeping in mind your career goals and the skills you want to master.

The credentials provided by the reputed global credentialing companies are accepted worldwide, and your job-readiness increases manifolds after you acquire one of them. However, you are free to attain many, and not just one. It completely depends on how much is your thirst for learning in your field of study, or work.

Make the best of your college education by adding a professional credential on top of it. And the odds are, that you will have a highly rewarding, and successful career.

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