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Proven Methods to Fix Microsoft Surface Pro Issues [Common Issues & Fixes]

The latest version of Microsoft Surface Pro (i.e., Surface 7 Pro) was launched in October 2019 with some newest features, including USB-C connectivity and 10th generation intel processors. Nevertheless, no matter if you are using an updated version or an old model; you can still encounter some serious issues in your Microsoft Surface Pro.

However, you don’t need to worry about such issues. The present discussion highlights some common problems in Microsoft Surface Pro and an ultimate guide about how to fix them. Admittedly, you will find out the perfect solutions for damaged/dimming screens, battery replacement problems, Issues during WIFI connectivity, and more. It is always recommended to choose professional Microsoft Surface Pro Repair Philippines to get an adequate solution without wasting time and money.

It is one of the most common problems and usually occurs due to driver issues. An instant way of fixing this problem is to ‘reboot your surface device.’ This quick fix is helpful to undo specific driver conflicts that occur within the memory of your system. If it still doesn’t fix the issue, then you can try reinstalling the touch screen.

If you still face some serious issues while touching Microsoft Surface’s screen, it is preferable to discuss your professional Microsoft surface repair problem. They use the latest tools, equipment, and expertise to fix your problem immediately.

  • No Sign of Powering-Up

If your Microsoft Surface Repair doesn’t show any sign of powering up, you can try the following solution.

Force Restart is the best solution for this purpose. So, keep holding and pressing the power button for at least 30 seconds. Once you have completed these 30 seconds, the next step is to release the power button.

However, if the device fails to respond promptly, then it indicates a problem. For this, you don’t need to waste your time as contacting a professional repair center can help you in fixing the problem timely.

  • Power Cable Doesn’t Charge Properly.

It is another main issue of most Microsoft Surface devices. For this, you need to examine the power connector LED Light correctly. The flashing light calls for replacement. Indeed, you can’t do it on your own, so it’s better to take professional assistance.

Keep one thing in mind that choosing expert technicians for the issues is advantageous as they fix the problem and guide us to avoid such problems in the future.

  • Battery Replacement Issues

If your device turns off while unplugging the charger or during the plug-in time, then there is something wrong with the battery. You can try the following things for the rectification of the problem.

  • Shut down the device and give it a proper time for charging
  • Install updates and try removing the battery driver.

If the solutions mentioned above don’t work, your battery got damaged (due to specific reasons). We don’t recommend you to replace the battery on your own unless you are a proficient technician. For this, take your device to any of the renowned repair centers in the Philippines. They know how to fix such issues in no time.

  • Cracked or Damaged Screen

A cracked or damaged screen significantly affects the touch screen of the device. So, if your Microsoft Surface Pro’s screen fails to respond quickly, then surely a cracked screen is causing it.

We don’t recommend you to take the matter into your hand as professionals know the drill. So, bring your smart device to professionals and get the most satisfactory solution without any delay.

  • Screen Freezing

A frozen screen requires you to restart it correctly. If restarting the device doesn’t fix the issue, then consider a full factory restart. But before that, protect your data by maintaining its back-up.

Generally, screen freezing isn’t a complicated problem, and it can be fixed by choosing a full factory restart. But in case it doesn’t work, then try some professional assistance this time.

  • Audio And Sound Distorted

If the sound doesn’t come from Microsoft Surface Pro’s speaker or the sound is distorted, then try the following options;

  • Remove barriers from the speaker surface.
  • Amend the volume adjustment
  • Update the drivers
  • Run troubleshooter

Once you have followed all the instructions correctly, check the speaker if it’s functioning correctly or not.

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Bring Your Microsoft Surface Pro To Professional Repair Centre in the Philippines

The core purpose of the discussion mentioned above was to point-up some common issues in Microsoft Surface Pro and how to fix them correctly. Although some of these issues can be fixed at home but for better results, it is always recommended to seek professional assistance. The Philippines is full of repair centers, but not all of them assure quality services. So, jump into the market with prior research as it can save your precious time and money.

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