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Putting A Tape Over Your MacBook Camera Isn’t As Ideal As You Think, Says Apple

There are many folks around the globe that believe in sticking a tape over their new laptop cameras, and you know who you are. The widely known purpose of doing so is to protect the privacy of the owner. However, Apple isn’t very happy with the act and advises that you must not do it with your MacBooks.

The more sophisticated groups consider buying a camera cover as opposed to the idea of sticking a tape. These camera covers are easy to use and affordable. Yet, the million-dollar question is, are these camera covers good to use? The simple answer is, no!

Apple says that while these camera covers may look better than a piece of tape, these can severely damage the display.

What’s the way out? Well, you must trust the green indicator light. The indicator light indicates the activeness of the camera. This helps you figure out whether any spiteful individual managed to get unauthorized access to your device, enabled the camera or not. This technique is probably the only reliable way to stay aware of such occurrences.

Why And How A Camera Cover Can Be Harmful

No matter how delicately you attach the camera cover, there are chances that you are unintentionally damaging, not one but many features of your precious MacBook. Firstly, the display can get damaged. How? The delicate clearance between your keyboard and the display is engineered to tight tolerances.

The act of covering your MacBook camera with a thick tape or camera cover may also hamper the ambient light sensor. Moreover, such an action can also interfere with the working of features like True Tone and automatic brightness. Thus, a camera indicator can be a safe and superb alternative to a camera cover. The indicator light is efficient in determining the activeness of your camera. Consider this suggestion by Apple as a wise one, as the giant is your truest well-wisher here.

If you think you are unable to understand the working of a camera indicator light, then you should go for a thin tape. Remember that the thicker your tape, the worse it be for your device. A DIY remedy of sticking a tape isn’t a very good option, though, but it won’t harm your device if it isn’t any thicker than 0.1 mm. Another condition here is that the tape shouldn’t be too sticky to leave a residue when plucked. Apple suggests that a thin tape that doesn’t leave a sticky residue on the camera can work perfectly fine. However, it isn’t easy to find such a tape that follows both the conditions.

A camera cover is the only option viable if you are unable to find such a tape. Yet, it is advised to remove the covering before closing your MacBook, so as to eliminate the risk of screen damage. Keep all things aside and appreciate Apple’s farsightedness for alarming its loyal users for the possible dangers of using a camera cover.

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