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Quick Settings in Gmail: Change the Theme of your Inbox

Google offers an option to change the default theme of Gmail in a more customized way. You can access the feature, which is quite more convenient than ever before.

The web-based free email service, Gmail has been developed by Google, which is used by many people all around the world. Now, Google has introduced some new settings which are very quick and can be utilized to customize the theme and style of the inbox very easily. Here is how you can use the quick settings to change the look and feel of your Gmail. Along with providing the email service, Google also offered the users an Inbox with Gmail, which is very much popular among its large number of users. The look and feel of other email services provided by Google are quite different from Gmail service, which is deserted in favor of Gmail free service. All the users of inbox have to need to move to some other web-based email service.

It is not new for users to see a lot of themes offered by Google on Gmail. Google has introduced the option to change the look and feel of your inbox. However, it has never been easy for the users to access the tools of customization and theme within the free email service. These tools were buried deeply in the Gmail settings, making it difficult for the users to access and customize it. But, recently, Google has launched the new options in settings which are quick to apply if you want to customize the look and feel of your inbox. These quick settings are not only easy to use, but also it can be customized even by those who are not aware of these settings. Google has started rolling out its new settings from May 26, and so the further modifications may take some more time to reach the users.

Changing the Theme of Gmail

Being the Gmail user previously you had to tap on the section of Settings if you wished to access the theme of Gmail. When you tap on Settings, then it redirects you to a window where you started customizing the themes by clicking on any image to be set for the background of email service. The theme options appeared from the default list, or you uploaded the custom image. On the contrary, Google has now brought throughout modifications to provide the best user experience regarding customizing the themes. Now, Being the user when you click on the icon of Settings, then you will immediately get a lot of images to which you can choose and customize according to your wish.

Further, users can choose two ways to customize the themes. First, you can tap on an image appearing to you and see the modifications once when applied. Second, You can click on the option of “view all” to see the pictures from a broader perspective or to upload them.

The theme option introduced by Google is not only limited to change the Inbox backgrounds, but also you can use the themes to change the design of inbox. For example, you can use the quick and fast settings to select the emails density on the page. Also, you can use the newly introduced settings to the level of priority for your emails. Once you set the level of a priority, then Gmail will start highlighting those emails first, which are quite more relevant to you. Moreover, you can customize the themes without any additional taps and also the changes can be seen more easily and quickly enhancing the user experience of Gmail.

Amidst all, the users need to understand that Google has not removed the old Gmail settings but only pushed them down an acceptable level. For example, if the users want to access the main menu of Settings, then they will need to tap first on the icon of Settings, and after then you have to tap on View all Settings option appearing at the top. Once you tap on View all settings, then it will redirect you to the possibilities of those settings you were earlier familiar.

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