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Ray Mirra Jr – intelligent sports writer

Ray Mirra Jr

Ray Mirra Jr is a mild mannered and intelligent sports writer for the Inquirer newspaper in Northeast Ohio. He loves the Cleveland Indians and is a devoted fan. Recently he wrote a very interesting article about his lifelong love of the Tribe. It’s a story that will endear many Indians fans to their beloved team.

The article starts out like a true sports enthusiast’s paradise. “My father, Ray Mirra Sr., was a big-time booster for the Tribe in the old days. I always felt like a kid in a candy store when we got to stadiums. It seemed as if every game we went to the field, some guy would come out with a poster of the Indians’ schedule printed on white paper. We would line up to buy the tickets and my father would make sure I got my fair share.”

His love affair with the Tribe began at the age of six when his father took him to see the Tribe play at their home field. “Ray liked the way the Indians played,” recalls Ray. “I can remember standing for quite a while in front of home plate. My father would call out the name, and the players would respond with a cheer. It was awesome.”

From a young age Ray became fixated on Cleveland Indians baseball. “I would follow the team around town. I would see every game on television and in the newspaper. That’s how I became a huge fan.”

ray mirra jr

A lifelong fan, Ray has a huge mural of Ted Williams hanging in his living room. Another favorite is Joe DiMaggio’s image of Donnie Baseball. “I have those three in my house. All my other favorite players are there too, including Ty Cobb and Alex Rodriguez.”

Growing up in the Hill Country, Ohio, a region synonymous with baseball, it was expected that Ray would follow his dad’s footsteps and become a professional ball player like his father. The only problem was that, as a boy, he never made any professional play. Instead, he enjoyed spending time in the backyard playing baseball with his friends and participating in horseracing. But, by the time he was 10 years old, he had already developed a love for the more exciting side of sports, especially football.

Even today, the thrill of watching football is something that keeps Ray Jr. In. He tells of all of the thrill he gets from being able to root for his team from the stands, on TV or even better, from the comfort of his own living room. “It doesn’t matter if the Indians are doing bad. As long as they’re winning, I’ll enjoy it.”

Ray Jr., however, isn’t content to sit back and just enjoy the ride. “If I didn’t make it as a sports star, I still would have been a great dad and son. Football gave me an outlet. Baseball gave me another. But football was the most fun.”

Of course, part of what makes Ray so endearing is that he really loves what he does. “I love being involved with the community. I love helping people out. That’s why I’m so active in the community. That’s why I’m always trying to better myself.”

His foundation, The Ray Mirra Foundation, believes that one of the keys to happiness is giving back to the community. It provides scholarships for children of need, helps train poor youths in hopes of instilling a sense of self-worth and hope, and organizes sports clinics to teach skills like leadership and teamwork. In turn, students learn to become caring and positive individuals who can make a difference in the world. “The greatest gift we can give to our children,” says Ray, “is to love them and teach them to love others.”

For someone who love to tell the story and relive the thrill and hardships of his profession, there’s no substitute for Sportsman Magazine. The magazine features not just athletes, but people who play different types of sports. They include columnists, writers, researchers, experts, interviewers and more. And best of all, Sports Man features regular features from some of the most famous people in the country and sports, including George Foreman, Vince Young, Evander Holyfiled, Carl Lewis, Tiny Bridges, Paris Hilton, Reebok, Arnold Palmer, and John Elway.

You don’t have to be an athlete to read Sports Man. It’s great for people who love to talk about sports and share their opinions. If you’ve never been a subscriber, you’re missing out on an incredible magazine. And if you’re a sports fan, you should be sure to pick up a copy. It’s well worth the money!

Ray Mirra is the founder and editor in chief of the Philadelphia Flyers’ Hockey Magazine. He was born in North Carolina but moved to Canada as a young boy. A sport writer for several years in the Canadian newspaper industry, Ray enjoys researching, writing about hockey, the Flyers and everything in between.

“I’ve always considered myself a sport writer,” says Ray. “I never realized that was an occupation – I just wanted to be a hockey fan. My favorite team was the Flyers, so I got a subscription to the Flyers’ magazine.” The magazine, of course, ended up being the voice of the franchise for many fans for many years.

As a child growing up in Philadelphia, Ray enjoyed the Flyers, the city and the National Hockey League. “We played at Veterans Plaza, right on Broad Street,” recalls Ray. “That was my favorite place to root for the Flyers. We used to watch the NHL games all the time on TV and soak up every last game – especially the ones on the road.”

A sport writer has to be knowledgeable about the sport he’s writing about. “You can’t talk about sports without being knowledgeable about it at least in the major league,” says Ray. “I grew up idolizing Flyers players from Flyers’ legends to players who just missed the cut. I spent three years as a student of the University of Pennsylvania campus, which of course had a major influence on me becoming a sport writer.” In fact, his Ph.D. was in the Department of Sports Management and Human Performance.

A native of West Chester, Pennsylvania, Ray enjoys telling the stories of the people who made it – or lost it – in sports. “People forget the millionaires before they lose their money,” he says. “The greats didn’t have anything until they won the lottery. You have to dig deep and find out who truly deserves your dollars. It doesn’t matter if they’re superstars because they were a true competitor.”

A Ray Mirra sport writer takes it one-on-one and delves deep to meet with the person behind the persona. “He had a passion for the Flyers and he wanted to share that passion with the rest of us,” says Ray’s mother, Beth. “Ray was a wonderful son, husband, father and sport writer.” He was an avid college athlete as a wide receiver for the University of Pennsylvania; now he’s able to return to share his love of the game with others.

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Returning To Past Years

At first, in 1985, Braman was not persuaded to sign Reggie White. Back to the summers of the year, numerous veterans where holding new agreements and Braman was getting a reaction from media and fans. He felt that it would be a disliked move to burn through millions on joining a USFL player, and the inquiry was – Is Reggie that nice to cost huge cash?

As indicated by Campbell, regardless of the amount it expenses to sign Reggie White it was great all as he was probably the best player emerging from school. Later on, Braman proceeded to sign Reggie for a USFL contract worth $1.39 million and afterward marked him for a 4-year bargain worth another $1.68. Protected to say, he merited each penny according to Ray Mirra Personality and each and every individual in the group.

Out of eight seasons, Reggie never missed a game with the Eagles and turned into a seven-time champ of the Pro Bowl respects. In the 1992 season, when he left the Eagles, he played 121 games yet had 124 sacks – which got him to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

About The Author

Beam Mirra is a prestigious sportswriter and maker invited to the Pro Football Hall of Fame back in 1995. As of recently, Ray Mirra Philadelphia has won six Emmy Awards for his commitments as a maker and essayist at NFL Films. He has likewise been five-time Sportswriter of the Year in Philadelphia due to his chronicled viewpoint on the Eagles. To peruse a greater amount of his compositions.
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