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Reasons Why Netflix’s Stranger Things Is So Famous

Stranger Things is one of the most successful shows on Netflix and has managed to cultivate a larger fan following with every new season in the last four years. The show broke several records and here are some reasons why:

Yesteryear’s Nostalgia

Nostalgia is a single ingredient formula that works nearly every time it is employed. The show provides a perfect 80’s vibe, and anyone who craves it or is fascinated with that era will love this show. From costumes and aesthetics to references by the characters, nearly everything feels like time travel. The show takes you back to the time where names like Ghostbusters, Back to the Future and The Terminator were a regular reference in conversation. And the era reference is not limited to old movies and clothes. Many a time, you will spot the characters using commodities that are no longer in the market but were a big hit back then.

Multiple Genres

The show’s highlight and the primary reason for mass appeal are that it does not restrict its focus to a single genre. The show encompasses concepts of horror, science fiction, teenagers growing up, deception, and thrill, all in one place. The series ensures that no one particular genre becomes overpowering, and hence, people who would not generally watch one of these genres are attracted to the show for all the others.

Easy to Binge

Gone are those days when people had to watch already released shows on one episode per week basis as well. Nearly all shows that have aired are made available in completion on streaming platforms. But not all shows can be binge-watched. The primary reason for that is a huge number of episodes to keep up with.  But that is not the case with Stranger Things. The show limits itself to 9 episodes per season. People complete one season before they even realize the fact, making the show very engaging and captivating.

Perfect Cliff-hangers

Many shows keep a fairly predictable plotline, but they introduce a twist at the end of the season and create a cliff-hanger for the audience to create excitement for the upcoming season. But Stranger Things operates at another level altogether. The show creates a mystery by the end of nearly all episodes and renders the audience with no option but to watch the entire show at one go to satisfy their curiosity.

Popular Memes

Millennials today get most of their news and tv show suggestions through social media. Memes have become incredibly popular, and jokes that are specific to one show or movie not only create a buzz about it but also pushes its viewership. Fans get to interact on grounds of mutual liking or dislike of a certain character or scenario, while the others feel curious and end up watching the show as well. The same happened with Stranger Things as well. The show sparked countless meme formats and jokes.

Constant Character Development

To ensure that the audience feels emotionally invested in a show, it is of utmost importance that the characters of the show are not stagnant. Much like real life, the audience expects the reel life characters to evolve and adapt to situations, too, and that is exactly what Stranger Things provides. Steve Harrington is the best example to explain this scenario. The boy started as a high school stereotype but ended becoming a father figure for Dustin and his group. This advancement of nature resonated very well with the audience.

Emotional twists

The show feels like an addictive rollercoaster, and the people do not wish to get off at all. Even the demise of side characters was not okay with the fans, and they ended up demanding justice for characters like Barb and Alexie. The show has had many such episodes that invoke a strong emotional reaction from people, be it concern, sympathy, or grief.


The show may hold a bunch of unique and remarkable individual characters, but the group dynamic is the underappreciated charm of the show. The characters are astoundingly attached, passionate, and trustworthy towards each other through thick and thin. The love for each other is regularly expressed by cracking jokes at each other’s expense and battling monsters, side-by-side.

Constant Jokes

The show is not in the comedy genre, but that does not restrict the writers, and they throw in subtle humor now and then to make the situation a little lighter. Ironical situations like Suzie and Dustin singing a romantic duet during a critical and dire situation is bound to crack everyone up. Will’s eager attempts to play Dungeons & Dragons with his group is another excellent example of when the characters left the audience with a smile.

An Aura Similar to Stephen King

Stephen King is known for his storytelling prowess and creating a significant mark in today’s culture. Stranger Things feels a lot like something out of a Stephen King book. The concept of a small town that looks sleepy but has a dark entity lurching in the shadows feels very similar.

The show Stranger Things premiered on Netflix on the 15th of July 2016 and has three seasons available on Netflix. The main actors in the show are Millie Bobby Brown, Finn Wolfhard, Noah Schnapp, Gaten Matarazzo, Caleb McLaughlin, Joe Keery, Charlie Heaton, and David Harbour. Stranger Things season 4’s teaser trailer was released in June, but there is no official announcement regarding the entire show’s release yet.

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