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Renovate The Kitchen And The Bathroom

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Whether it’s the kitchen or the bathroom, undertaking renovations to these centerpieces is no small task. Between trends, budget, resale value, and longevity, the choices are numerous and sometimes difficult. Here are some tips to help you get started.

Make yourself a “wish list”

Inventory all the elements of the room, whether architectural or utilitarian and determine what you like and what you want to change. Then make a list of the desired features, attributes, or devices. It’s time to dream: take the opportunity to include all your wishes. You haven’t made your budget yet.

Establish your budget

Whether it’s for a simple improvement or for a real makeover, you must establish a budget. This should include the bids of workers from different trades, fixtures or products fixed to the room, ceramic and floor coverings, lighting, costs associated with a temporary move if necessary, and accessories, including handles. It is also a good idea to set aside money for unforeseen events and budget overruns that may occur if mold is discovered, floor leveling, delays that cause a chain reaction, or plumbing and fixture problems. Electricity. This additional provision should be around 15 to 20% and appear in your total budget envelope.

Don’t skimp on the work of professionals

The bathroom and the kitchen are the two most difficult rooms to renovate yourself, with their water inlets and outlets, the electrical installation, the sealing of surfaces in contact with water, and the entrance natural gas to power the stove. All of these are important and require a professional, both for the work and for quality and safety assurance. Before making your choice, ask for three or four references who will give you confidence in the services and work of the people you hire. For more details visit home improvement Columbus Ohio. 

Invest where it counts

Whatever the size of the room to renovate, keep in mind everything behind the walls and under the floors. Working in an existing room space might not be the ideal design solution, but it almost always saves money. It can be costly to move the toilet, the shower or tub drain, the natural gas inlet for the stove, or the water inlets for the kitchen sink. However, if the electrical circuits or plumbing are too old, it can be beneficial in the long run to start from scratch. Take advantage of this opportunity to arrange the room in the most ergonomic way, by doing the work in the rules of the art. Also invest in permanent parts of the room, such as the floor, tub and shower, the backsplash in the kitchen, and recessed lighting. Do not neglect the practical touches, such as a radiant floor, good ventilation (hood in the kitchen as in the bathroom), or sufficient storage.

Make wise choices

Design your project with the resale value in mind, if you plan to stay in the house less than five years after the end of the work. Make choices that are both current, and timeless, in neutral colors. And if you plan to stay in your property for more than seven years, then you can design the room and choose the materials to your liking, since these will, in any case, be considered outdated by the time you put the house on the market. Do not replace the bath with a shower if you have only one bathroom in the house, as this could affect the sale of your property, especially to buyers with young children. Finally, choose materials that will be easy to care for or that you will be aware of that will require more care. The appearance of Carrera marble has no equal,

If there is one thing to remember in all of the above, it is that renovations are expensive and require preparations. Before undertaking them, take the time to think about the users and uses of these rooms, in order to be able to integrate all the family’s activities into them, to choose the right materials for each room, to take into account your lifestyle, and thus, to make them both up to date and functional.
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