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Review: Everything to Know About LG OLED 48CX

LG claims that their OLED TV is one of the best selling products across the world. The blog has an overall review of the LG OLED 48CX product as per the official specifications launched by the company. The LG OLED 48CX, the new product by LG, has something for everyone.

Let’s Start With The Availability Of The Product

LG is going to launch two models at the same time. If you are living in the UK, then you can buy either OLED48CX5LB or OLED48CX6LA. The only difference in both models is the finish of the product. But both the models are identical in terms of specs and features.

If you are in the US, then you will get this product with the model name as OLED48CXPUB. Bad news for the people living in Australia, as they can’t buy this product during the launch. But after some time, they can.

Design Of LG OLED 48CX

Disappointingly, the new LG’s OLED TV looks identical to the last year released C9, which might affect its sale. There is no doubt that C9 is a good-looking product, and the CX will have a similar design, but there must be some changes. As people always look for a unique product, and the company has many ways to improve the design.

Undoubtedly, the new OLED panel is extremely thin, which is a good thing about this product. The company needs to work to adjust the speakers, connections, and processing pieces.


According to the new norms released by LG, all the products launched by them (except B series) in this year have the same panel and processing units. You might see the difference in the sound system and the styling. You will get 4K flagship experience on 48-inches TV.

The significant feature in this TV is Artificial Intelligence (AI). There are several features like AI Picture Pro, and AI Sound Pro that enhance the user experience.

Additionally, it supports HLGHDR10, and Dolby Vision, making it better than its competitors like Panasonic and Philips. But you might go into a state of confusion as it doesn’t have the Dolby Vision IQ setting in the menu of the TV. Don’t worry! The product by LG enables this feature automatically when required.

Did you know? LG was the first TV manufacturer who offered certified HDMI 2.1 sockets to their users. These kinds of sockets don’t guarantee the support of the next-generation HDMI feature, but there might be some new involvement with this feature.

Picture Quality

The company claims to offer flagship OLED performance through the OLED48CX. In testing, it was proved that their product delivers exactly what they are claiming.

You might find that the color of the TV is vibrant and lush, and it produces an effortlessly natural picture. The color on the TV is entirely realistic.

If you see the overall picture quality, it is crisp, natural, and users might feel absolute joy. There are plenty of specs and features that are sufficient to produce an amazing contrast when watching anything on HDR mode.

Sound Quality

Before analyzing it, you have to learn about its AI features that are part of all the CX models. This smart TV has a Smart AI feature that analyzes and adjusts the TV’s sound according to your room. In testing, it is revealed that the AI feature always tries to deliver smooth audio, which is audible to all the people available in that room.

The overall performance of the sound with this feature is quite good. Sometimes the speakers might struggle while playing some soundtracks.

If you have decided to buy the LG 48CX OLED TV, it will be a great option to purchase a soundbar. If you want a better soundbar option, then you can go for the Sonos Arc.

Final Verdict

It is a perfect product for those who want to buy a perfect TV, but don’t want to get a big one. It is one of the best small size TVs with excellent sound and picture quality.

But if you are in the UK and want to use some apps like BBC iPlayer, then don’t buy this product.

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Source-Everything to Know About LG OLED 48CX

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