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Russian Dedicated Server Hosting: When and How to Choose One?

At the initial stages of your website, you chose the Shared Server, due to restricted budget and limited requirement of resources. But, what to do now? When the website is growing. Shall you continue with the Shared Server or switch to the advanced grade Russian Dedicated Server Hosting? Also how to identify the Best Time to Switch over to the Dedicated Server Russia? Further, if you are ready to migrate, how to find the Best Dedicated Server Provider in Russia?

Well, these are loads of questions and need detailed answers. One wrong decision may have an adverse impact on your website. No doubt, the Dedicated Server provides better speed, performance, security, and various other unbeatable features, but it is also expensive than other hosting types. So, you need to wisely identify the signals to switch over to the Dedicated Server. Also, you need to choose the Best Russian Dedicated Server Hosting Provider for fulfilling all your business needs.

In this article, we’ll answer the two main questions, “When” and “How” to Choose the Dedicated Server Russia? Also, in the end, you will know about the Best Hosting Provider, which we have found after a lot of research and comparisons. Let’s get started. 

When do you Need the Russian Dedicated Server?

There are various signals which indicate that your website is no longer able to sustain on a Shared or VPS Hosting. You need an up-gradation to the Russian Dedicated Server Hosting. Let’s learn about these signals in detail –

When you see a Rise in Traffic or expect Growth in the Near Future

The first and the most ordinary signal is when your website starts attracting high traffic. The Shared Server cannot handle the pressure of rising traffic due to its constrained resources and Shared Nature. So, if you see a hike in the number of visitors or expect it to grow in the near future, it is the best time to migrate to a Dedicated Server.

If you carry on with the Shared Server, your website’s performance may show a significant drop. Also, it will lead to poor user experience and higher bounce rates. Hence, it’s best to switch over before such a situation arises.

When Security is a Major Concern for your Website

High Security is a very essential element for the website managing sensitive information of the users. If you are storing credit card information, personal details, or any other confidential information over your server, then you should upgrade to Dedicated Server Russian immediately. With the Shared Server, there are multiple users, so it’s difficult to protect the data from spammers and hackers. While the Dedicated Server gives you the complete authority to manage your server’s security. It also provides you with the option of Fully Managed and Semi-Managed Plans, so you can define the responsibilities of your and the host. 

You Need your Website to Load Faster

Faster Loading Speed is the most basic and necessary element for a website. The speed of the website decides the first impression a user gets on its visit. It also impacts the user experience, bounce rates, and most importantly the Search Engine Rankings. 

The Shared Server provides optimal speed until your traffic is low. When the traffic rises the Shared Server is unable to handle it, which increases the loading time. So, a slow loading speed is a clear indication that you need to migrate your website to Russian Dedicated Server Hosting.

Higher Degree of Control is Necessary

The last and another important reason to select the Dedicated Server is a higher degree of control over your server. 

The Dedicated Server gives you complete root access to manage your server as per your needs. You can freely install the server software you want. Also, you can customize the hardware specifications of your server and also expand them when needed. Moreover, you can also choose the Operating System you want to run over your server. 

How to Select the Best Dedicated Server in Russia?

Now that you know when to choose the Dedicated Server Russia, the next point to consider is, choosing the Best Web Host. There are numerous hosting companies with a variety of plans, prices, and specs. So, how do you select one? 

Below we have mentioned the points you should consider before choosing to find an ideal web host.

Server Performance

Server Performance basically refers to the speed. We must know how fast is the page loading speed of the server host. The visitors won’t wait if your website takes a high loading time.

  • Resources – You should examine the resources you will get. The RAM, Storage, Bandwidth, etc, check if they are fulfilling your needs or not.
  • Technology – It’s essential to check that the Server Host is using the latest technology.
  • Location – If your target audience is located in Russia or nearby areas, then the Dedicated Server in Russia will provide the optimal speed.

Speed and Performance are the most essential factors. So make sure you get it right.

Level of Security

When you are examining a hosting company check the level of security they provide. Is it enough to protect your sensitive data from hackers and spammers?

  • Security Protocol – Check whether the server is protected with DDoS Attack Prevention. Also, check for Firewalls, Intrusion Prevention, and Malware Scanning. 
  • Backups – You will get different backup levels from different hosting companies. Check how frequently the backups are run, for how long your backup is stored by the web host, can you easily download it over your computer.
  • SSL Certificate – Find out whether your Russian Dedicated Server Hosting comes with an SSL certificate or not. If you get an SSL, check whether it’s Free or Paid.

Options for Scalability and Flexibility

Scalability refers to the option to expand your server resources while flexibility indicates the option to customize the server configurations. So, before choosing the Dedicated Server Russia identify whether you are provided with these options or not. When your website traffic keeps fluctuating it’s essential to have the option for expansion and customization. 

Customer Support

You must find out whether the web host provides 24/7 Customer Support or not. Also, see the methods to contact, such as Calls, Emails, etc. 

Additional Services

Apart from these, see the additional services you will get. They can be –

  • Free Account Migration
  • Options in Operating System
  • Managed or Unmanaged Server
  • Unlimited Website Hosting

The Best Russian Dedicated Server Hosting Provider

Dedicated Server Russia by Serverwala

After considering all the points we mentioned above here is the most reliable, fast, and secured Russian Dedicated Server by Serverwala.

Serverwala provides hosting services globally and has served thousands of customers. It is known for its top-quality web hosting services at affordable pricing. Serverwala has also won several awards for its superfast server speed and premium customer support. 

Here are the features of their Dedicated Server Russia, proving how they are the best.

  • Top Class Server Performance and Speed
  • Fully Upgraded Server Resources
  • Server Located in Russia
  • DDoS Attack Prevention, Firewalls, and other Security Measures
  • Regular Server Backup
  • Free SSL Certificates
  • Easy Customization and Expansion of Server Resources
  • 24/7 Customer Support with Multiple Contact Methods
  • Free Server Setup and Account Migration
  • Options in Operating System and Control Panel
  • Host Unlimited Websites

Summing Up

After reading this article you must have developed a clear idea in your mind about “When” and “How” to Choose the Russian Dedicated Server Hosting. If you are facing any of the signs mentioned above it’s the right time for you to switch to Dedicated Server Russia. Also, choose Serverwala for your Dedicated Server Hosting which is loaded with all the important features required for faster growth.

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