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Ryan Reynolds reveals his true on-set Deadpool look

Tirelessly funny and always sassy Ryan Reynolds recently showed what he actually looks like on the set of Deadpool. The actor was talking about the new non-profit venture Group Effort Initiative where he will be taking in 10-20 BIPOC trainees on set with him. Mr Reynolds will mentor these trainees explaining the finer details of the art of films and giving them practical experience. And as he started talking about the fun time the trainees will have, he told them how they’ll see his actual face before it is beautified by makeup.

That’s when we see the Old Deadpool

As soon as he says that, a picture of the star pops up on-screen where he is wearing the Deadpool suit without the mask. His face is full of wrinkles and has absolutely white hair. It is another one of Ryan’s amazing comedic touches which never fail to impress. He is always ready for the next joke and makes fun of everyone including himself. That is one of the main reasons why out of all the X-Men characters, with the exception of Wolverine, he is the one that stands out. It isn’t Wade Wilson behind the mask, it is just a celluloid version of Ryan Reynolds; just as quirky, maybe bolder. And Deadpool can’t die.

When will we see the threequel?

The first two editions of the Deadpool solo franchise were massively popular. The movie set the record for the highest-grossing X-men franchise and the highest-grossing R-Rated movie of all time. Last year, when the acquisition of 20th century fox was finalized, Disney’s Ex CEO Bob Iger stated in plain terms that the Deadpool character would not be rebooted. This was refreshing news for the fans as the same was not said about the other X-Men characters. And Deadpool is perfect as is.  After that, recently Ryan Reynolds talked about talks going on about the third edition with Marvel. He said the world was new for his character but he fit in perfectly. Although he did mention that the movie was way into the future and it was still early stages.

It isn’t clear when Deadpool 3 is going to start filming or even an official announcement, but that doesn’t curb the excitement amongst fans. As per the plans officially released, Marvel’s Phase 4 is pretty jam-packed through 2021. But there are some mystery dates they’ve claimed in 2022 and 2023 that create speculations. Fans are especially interested in seeing Deadpool interact with different Marvel characters. Although we can have a sass-off between Deadpool and Tony Stark, he is still a welcome entrant to the huge superhero universe.

Currently, the actor is going to start work on an untitled time travel thriller, which will be directed by Shaun Leys and produced by Skydance. The movie will be released on Netflix.

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