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Samsung Is Going To Drop Some Features From its Health App

Samsung Health is one of the best tools that will help you in creating a balanced lifestyle pattern. It will track details like your daily intake of caffeine, snacks, water, and how much calories you have burned and taken. It also helps you in maintaining your diet and also tracks your sleep.

Is Samsung Health App Beneficial?

Health apps like Google Fit and Samsung Health are very beneficial apps. These kinds of apps keep you fit and healthy by informing you about your steps and calories burned. Let’s talk about Samsung’s app. You can use it with your Samsung smartwatches and set your goals. It will track your details and give you some motivational quotes that might help you in the workout.

Undoubtedly, it is an excellent Android app that can track various things to keep you healthy. If you are using this, then you should thank Samsung for this fantastic feature. But possibly, there is time to say goodbye to these robust features of the app.

Some reports in the public domain state that Samsung is going to drop some brilliant features of the Samsung Health App.

This Month, Samsung Will Drop Some Features From The Health App

According to the reports, Samsung will drop certain features this month. Those who are using the app might lose these features with their upcoming updates.

Samsung is going to drop weight, caffeine, and calorie tracking features from their app. You will not find these features after the release of the update by Samsung. There is some time in the update, as it will be out later this month, but there is no exact or tentative date for releasing the update.

Its the middle of July, so you can expect the launch of this update soon. In simple words, the update will be available on Samsung’s phone in the coming week, so be ready for the new update by Samsung.

Please note one thing that smartphones and smartwatches will get a new update. There is no information about the drop of these features from Smart TV. So, you can use all the features of the Samsung Health App on your Smart TVs.

If You Have Any Data Related To These Apps, Samsung Will Delete It

Samsung will also remove the data related to these tracking features. Those who use these features will get the notification from the company that they will remove the calorie, caffeine, and weight tracking features from your device. They can also allow you to store the data for a limited amount of time. Eventually, they will also remove the data storing ability.

If you want to use these features in your smartphone and smartwatch, you can use another app like Google Fit. If you don’t want to use this feature, then you can use other alternative applications like EndomondoRunKeeperGoogle FitOpen mHealth, and Runtastic.

These features will be removed from the 4.1 version of the smartwatch and the 6.11 version of the smartphone. So, be double sure about the version you are using and the availability of the features.

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Source-Samsung Is Going To Drop Some Features

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