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Samsung Launches the New Galaxy Buds Live

Samsung has finally launched the much-anticipated Galaxy Buds Live, and they look remarkably different from the other buds. Samsung has gone for a bean-shaped design this time around. This is the brand’s new entry to the truly wireless earbuds category. One of the major highlights of the new buds is their active noise cancellation ability and, of course, the way they look. It seems like Samsung has really put some effort into perfecting its design for this launch. Let’s dig a bit deeper into some of the major highlights of the new buds.

The design this time is a standout, the buds come in a bean-like shape which Samsung claims it has perfected, keeping long term comfort in mind. The new Buds won’t strain your ears even after long music sessions. You get to choose from 3 different color options, bronze, white and black. This certainly puts the Galaxy Buds Live one step ahead of Apple’s offering, which only comes in a standard white color.

Samsung has designed the new Buds Live, keeping in mind active noise cancellation as its primary focus. The noise cancellation technology is also quite different from what we are used to in truly wireless earbuds. The Buds Livework reduces low frequency sounds up to a whopping 97%, although you will be able to hear someone speaking important announcements. It will automatically filter out low-frequency sounds that act as noise to your audio experience. The Buds Live does not have any in-ear tips for making it a tight fit. The new Buds sit comfortably in your ears, and Samsung claims that you can put it on for the whole day, and it still won’t bother you. The design is achieved after a tremendous amount of research and survey.

The sound quality has also been improved from the previous earbuds. The Galaxy Buds Live make use of bigger and better quality drivers for providing better low and high notes along with enhanced bass. Buds Live will surely be a strong competitor to Apple, which has been the leader when it came to sound quality.

Even more impressive is the pricing of the new earbuds. The price is kept at $169.99, which is approximately $70 less than Apple’s offering. The standard version of the Samsung Galaxy Buds cost about $149.99, making the new buds a $20 upgrade from the previous version. The case has also become bulkier as it houses a bigger battery inside. You can easily get up to 5 to 6 hours of battery life with active noise cancellation turned on, and the case can charge the battery providing a total battery life of about 20-21 hours. kartal escort

The specs and features provided in the new Buds Live have surely made people excited. Only time will tell how these buds will hold up against Apple and how they perform in real-life scenarios. For the time being, it is safe to say that Samsung has stepped up its game to compete against Apple by offering a much better product at a much lesser price.

Source:-   Samsung New Galaxy Buds Live

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