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Top Social Media Marketing Services London for Branding in the UK.

Social media marketing is the new marketing tool in the twenty-first century is the easiest and faster way to reach the audience. Stats have shown that the number of social media users has grown by 9.2% since 2019. So, it is a great way to interact with them and make them aware of your brand, which will benefit in the long run. The more people buy your products and services, the more you earn the profit.

But the question is, how will you do that? I shall focus on different marketing tools in this article so that you can understand the importance of social media marketing for your business. It is more effective for small businesses in the UK. Different agencies are providing social media marketing services London. You shall also find about them in this article.

What is Social Media Marketing (SMM)?

SMM is a digital marketing technique to connect with the targeted audience. It involves publishing advertising content of major social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, YouTube, DISQUS, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. These social apps have become a part of our lives and we should exploit these means for your benefits in business. Whether you want to launch a new business product, connect with your clients, create awareness among consumers, increase sales, the social media is an ideal place to the mainstream in the industry and make connections with your consumers.

Social Media Marketing Platforms

Before discussing the famous social media marketing networks like Facebook etc., I shall like to mention other different tools. Some of them you might not have heard yet. Not all the tools give maximum traffic. Let’s begin this section. I have sketched them below for an idea.

Social Networks

You can find a lot of social networks on the web. There is no end of social networking sites. You can join communities of similar hobbies and interests or make a network with a single person there. Buddy press, Social Go, KickApps, Crowd vines, and Ning are some famous social networking platforms. Ning is a paid social platform, and some of them are free.

Content Sharing

If you want to share some video content, or you have some photos, and images then YouTube is the best social platform. Others include Scribd, Vimeo, MetaCafe, Daily Motion, and Flicker.

Social Bookmarking

These platforms give the users to share and vote the content, so that, it empowers the members or communities. Quora, Reddit, Slashdot, Share This, and Digg are some famous and productive tools.


Microblogging helps to weed out productive impressions from social media traffic. It makes your social media account like Twitter more effective and productive. Tumbler, Jaiku, Tweetstats, and Seesmic are some examples. 

How the different Social Media Platforms Work for Marketing?

 In the first question, I have told you about different social media platforms. In this section, I shall discuss how social media marketers use different platforms? What tools and techniques they use for it? I have tried to sum up different tools and techniques for the social media marketing.

  1. Facebook for SMM

It is a casual and friendly social media platform. So, marketers need to be very active. It starts by creating a Facebook business page. This process needs very careful attention to the visuals and layout of the page. Facebook users visit their newsfeeds and profiles to relax. So, a Facebook marketer, keeping these things in view, adopts a light tone here. An effective Facebook marketing creates brand awareness and generates more traffic to your website.


  1. Twitter for SMM

Social media marketing on twitter is all about your number of followers and followings. You follow the people related to the industry and business, and they should follow back. So, you can tweet about the special offers, sales, discounts, fun news, and other related posts about your product and services. The social media marketers retweet many of the comments of their customers and answer their questions. This direct communication with the audience builds their confidence in the brand.    

III. Pinterest for SMM

It is the fastest-growing social media platform for marketing. You can advertise through sharing images on Pinterest. Any business can benefit from Pinterest for its sales-driving ads. A social media marketer creates unique pin boards to target audiences. This platform is specifically popular among females, so it is a great way to market your products and services related to this demographic segment.

  1. LinkedIn for SMM

LinkedIn is not an entertainment platform like Facebook. It is a professional social media platform where different employers and workers are connected. It is a great place to share the content with the people having the same opinion. Employers also use it to post new jobs and create an employee network. You can use it to make your brand appear more trusted and credible through clients’ recommendations. Encourage them to recommend it on your LinkedIn profile, so that your organization will appear more reliable, and attract more clients.

  1. YouTube SMM

It is incredible, perhaps the most powerful SMM platform. You can create and share the video content through YouTube and is a great way to generate traffic and more clientage for your business.

Social Media Marketing Agency

I shall discuss about best services provider in this section, as I promised earlier that I shall tell you about some best social media marketing agency services. There are many agencies in London, but I would recommend YPIK Group Services. They are competitive, fast, reliable, and provide quality services.
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