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Sono Bello – What people should know about it

Sono Bello – What people should know about it

The weight loss industry is a multibillion-dollar one, and there are consumers needing and wanting faster results, much faster than what exercise can deliver. Others are not happy with having excess skin on their bodies and desire to have a leaner appearance. Hence for these people, liposuction is an attractive option.

Sono Bello is a chain of body contouring clinics that claim to employ the best cosmetic surgery specialists known to give people the best outcomes. It has more than 125 board-certified surgeons and Sono Bello itself states that the company has conducted more than 150,000 cosmetic surgical procedures at 60-plus locations across the United States.

These surgical procedures are targeted towards men and women desiring a quick treatment that will give them a slimmer and leaner figure. The company promises to provide each customer with the most advanced micro-laser liposuctions methods which are aimed to provide quicker outcomes and quick recovery time as well.

Should other people consider Sono Bello for their cosmetic procedures? Here we will be exploring numerous Sono Bello reviews to obtain a good understanding of how it works and results from anyone can expect to see if it is right for them.

Pros of Sono Bello

  • It is an effective treatment for removing fat.
  • It has a quick recovery time.
  • More than 60 locations across the United States.
  • It is much more effective than CoolSculpting.
  • Potentially long-lasting results with a healthy lifestyle.

The cons of Sono Bello

  • Results are often subtle.
  • There have been numerous customer complaints against the sales tactics of Sono Bello.
  • Pricing information lacks transparency.
  • Small risk of serious complications.

Available procedures of Sono Bello

Liposuction is often considered an effective surgical procedure for slimming down and reshaping the human body. It removes excess fat deposits in the body to create the desired body shape and figure.

Most of the surgical procedures are performed through general anesthesia or minimal oral sedation. The surgery requires doctors to create micro incisions on the body and in body tissues. Then they use microcannulas (thin needles) to extract fat cells from the body.

It is also important to understand that liposuction treatments are not the only solution for obesity and also cannot be a shortcut for weight loss. Rather, Sono Bello itself states that the procedure should be considered as a way of disposing and getting rid of stubborn fat deposits that can be difficult to remove from either dieting or exercising.

Dieting, however, minimizes the size of fat cells and tissues. Whereas, liposuction completely removes the fat cells.

Most Sono Bello centers offer three procedures. They are considered as least invasive by the firm in comparison to traditional liposuction:

  • TriSculpt Laser Liposuction.
  • Venus Freeze.
  • TriSculpt E/X.

These procedures are used to treat a wide array of areas in the human body, like chest, chin, waist, abs, arms, back, and legs.

TriSculpt Laser Liposcution

This ranks among the most popular procedure of Sono Bello. This three-step fat removal procedure relies on localized anesthesia which keeps people awake, power-assisted liposuction and micro laser-assisted liposuction.

The company reports that laser liposuction helps restore the body’s natural contours and is ideal for removing fat pocketed near the stomach, waist, arms, and legs.

People will stay awake throughout the procedure and get local anesthesia in the treatment areas. During the treatment, physicians use microcannulas to stick out the unnecessary fat from large pockets and a separate microcannula with a low-power laser to break down fat in smaller sections like the upper arms and under the chin area.

Venus Freeze

This non-surgical procedure is designed to reduce the appearance of cellulite through the use of a unique combination of radiofrequency and magnetic pulses. The Venus freeze is a painless procedure and will only cause a gentle massage feeling on the skin.

Sono Bello states that users will experience a leaner figure in just a few sessions.

The treatment starts with a company treatment provider applying a soft gel to the target area and gliding a Venus applicator over the gel in smooth motions to tighten the skin and reduce cellulite. The treatment purportedly creates new collagen and forms elastin fibers which give users more supple skin over the passage of time.

TriSculpt E/X

This procedure is designed to remove excess (particularly around the lower abdomen). It is advertised as the ideal solution for toning up a person’s appearance, especially when used together with liposuction in removing excess fat.
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