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Stable Rugs You Should Use Based On The Temperature

A horse does so many nice things for its owner and in the return, all they demand is some care and attention. To provide that care you don’t have to do a lot of things. Just keep your horse comfortable with a suitable rug, feed them time, and give them a shelter. Most horse owners find it really difficult to pick a suitable rug in this changeable climate. But do you know the solution is just right here? Stable rugs are available in different texture and weight that give you a choice to pick on the basis of temperature, breed and workload they carry, such as 

Stable sheet- If the temperature is a bit high and you are planning for a horse ride in the entire day a stable sheet could be the ideal choice. It’s a very light-weighted rug that keeps the horse energized and comfortable. Maybe you are conflicting about the temperature. Let’s make it clear. A stable sheet is gonna be ideal if the temperature is around 15 and more degrees outside. Also, this rug is very flexible that lets your horse move freely.

Lightweight stable rug- a light-weighted horse rug is appropriate when the temperature is not so hot either cool. Imagine you have planned a horse ride and the temperature is near 10-12 degree outside the ideal rug is going to be a lightweight stable rug. Such rugs have a breathable quality that helps the rug to breathe well even while riding.

Heavyweight stable rug- In winter season temperature drops suddenly and in that case you have to carry a heavyweight stable rug. This gives your horse the feeling of warmth when its 0-3 degrees outside. So if your horse has a long winter night to stand on, what you must carry is a heavyweight stable rug.

Stable rug with neck cover- some horse owners strictly avoid neck covers in a stable rug because they assume their horse to be uncomfortable in such rugs. Let us clear this confusion. When the temperature is lower than 0 degrees you must cover your horse’s neck. As the neck of a horse gets affected mostly by the cold and it can make your horse ill. Here is a point to get noticed that not every stable rug that has a neck cover makes your horse uncomfortable. There are some highly useful stable rugs that offer neck cover which you could attach or remove from the rug anytime. This lets you use the neck cover on the basis of temperature and workload.

Hope this article could solve your everyday struggle of selecting rugs. Let nature do its job and you do your own by selecting the right rug for your horse. 

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