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Stranger Things Season 4 Filming Set to Resume in The Next Couple of Months: Reports

Online streaming giant Netflix has been a savior in the lockdown imposed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Its wide variety of movies and television shows have kept extreme boredom at bay by providing a tailor-made list under each category mentioned on the website. However, there are Netflix originals that have clicked with the audience to a great extent. One such example is Stranger Things, a science fiction horror show created by The Duffer Brothers.

The third season of Stranger Things aired on July 4, 2019, and it has been more than a year since ardent fans have been waiting for the latest and 4th season of the web television show.

Stranger Things Season 4 Delayed Due to COVID-19 Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic delayed production because the makers wanted to ensure the safety of both cast and crew. According to reports, there is a tentative date for the restart of the fourth season’s filming. So, let’s find out more about the plot, cast, and future of Stranger Things.

According to reports, the makers of Stranger Things are ready to begin filming sometime in September. The shooting was taking place in Georgia and is all set to resume after the state’s governor released a set of guidelines to ensure everyone’s safety amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

The Latest Season’s Script is Complete

The script for the highly-anticipated season is complete. A picture posted on Stranger Things writer’s official Instagram handle showcased this excellent news. In a post dated June 19, 2020, the photo shows the complete script of the fourth season. There are going to be nine episodes given the number of scripts kept on the table.

There is no official confirmation from Netflix about the release date of season four, but fans might be able to watch it only in July or August 2021. The first season of Stranger Things premiered in July 2016 followed by season two in October 2017 and season three in July 2019.

Season 4’s first episode is titled “Chapter One: The Hellfire Club” with a line below stating “We’re not in Hawkins anymore”.

Season 4 Teaser Shows Jim Hopper is Alive

Other than the 51-second teaser that dropped on Valentine’s Day, there is no indication when a full-length trailer will be released. The main thing to notice from the teaser is that Jim Hopper did not die in Season 3. However, the only thing that remains unanswered from the short video is that how and where was Hopper working in the snowy setting. That particular question may be answered in the upcoming season. Fans will eagerly be waiting for Eleven and her dad to reunite.

According to reports, Stranger Things will continue beyond season four. One of the producers, Shawn Levy, stated that there is a considerable possibility of a 5th season. However, there is no clarity if the story of Stranger Things will continue beyond a 5th run.

Season 4’s Storyline Shrouded in Complete “Secrecy”     

The storyline of the next season is still a mystery. However, a few questions will undoubtedly be answered since season three ended on a cliff-hanger. The first mystery is how the Russians managed to capture a Demogorgon from the upside-down and why Hopper worked on the railway tracks for them.

According to reports, season four will also focus on Jim Hopper’s backstory because of the boxes Eleven finds in the house. The boxes are labeled New York, Dad, and Vietnam. It is being said this season will be darker than the rest and also the scariest.

Season four has been delayed because of the coronavirus pandemic and premier on Netflix is still a couple of months away. It is a disappointment for all fans, but in the meantime, they can have a rerun of the first three seasons available on the video streaming platform.

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