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Taking Screenshots on Chromebook

Google-powered Chromebooks work as a great operating system for all kinds of users as they have all the basic tools one might need, built-in. Therefore, taking a screenshot on Chromebook is very simple. You just need to know about a few shortcut key combinations. No third-party application is required as Chrome OS is fully capable of taking all kinds of long, partial, or full-screen screenshots. However, you can use a third-party application if you want annotations and screen recording features. Read on to find out about all the ways through which you can take a screenshot on Chromebook.

Using the Keyboard

Full-screen Screenshot

The easiest way to take full-screen screenshots on Chromebook using your keyboard is to click Control and the Overview button together. This will promptly click a screenshot of the entire screen. In order to find your screenshot, go to the Files app then check the Downloads folder to locate it. Else, you can directly paste your screenshot into any editing app or Gmail or other media files. All you need to do is press the Copy to Clipboard button that appears in the bottom right of the screen, just after taking the screenshot. As your picture is now copied to the clipboard, you can paste it anywhere. For synchronizing the screenshot to Google Drive, just move it to Google Drive and you’re done.

Window Screenshot

In order to click a screenshot of the prevailing window, press the Control, Alt, and Overview buttons together. After that choose the window on your screen of which you want to take a screenshot. Either you can click Enter to take a screenshot of the existing window or select a window with your mouse.

Partial Screenshot

It may happen that you want to click a screenshot of only a certain area on the screen. In that case, hit the Control, Shift, and Overview button at the same time. The screen light will dim a bit and after that, you can take a screenshot of any area on your Chromebook screen.

Using Buttons in Tablet Mode

For clicking a screenshot on a tablet in Chromebook click the power button and any of the volume buttons together, just like you do in smartphones. You just have to press the buttons and release them together. Do not press and hold them. A screenshot of your entire screen will be clicked.

Using Stylus

Full-screen Screenshot

If your stylus is linked with your Chromebook, then you will see a Stylus menu at the bottom of your screen. You can click on it and find the Capture Screen option to click a screenshot of your entire page on Chromebook.

Partial Screenshot

To take a screenshot only of a particular area on the screen, go to the Stylus menu and choose Capture Region. Use your stylus to hold and drag for selecting the area on the screen. Just when you release the stylus, your screenshot will be clicked.

Using External Keyboard

Full-page Screenshot

An external keyboard can also be used to click a screenshot on Chromebook. Just press Control along with F5. And you will get your screenshot in just a second.

Window Screenshot

Now, to take a window screenshot with your external keyboard, consider pressing Control, along with Alt + F5.

Partial Screenshot

For a partial screenshot, you can click Control, and Shift, along with F5 on your external keyboard. This will dim the screen light and then you need to drag and select the area you want a screenshot of.

These are the ways with which you can click a screenshot on your Chromebook. We hope that these ways were enough for you. However, if you need a more detailed tool for annotation or a free-style screenshot, you can use any other screenshot app.

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