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Ten Technological Trends that will change the Internet Market and Digital Marketing

The Internet sector is constantly changing, with the influence of new technologies and platforms. However, some analysts have predicted that next year there will be more significant changes than we have seen in this decade. On the one hand there is the ability to redefine trust in social networks and on the other hand innovations such as artificial intelligence and voice support have the potential to redefine the global network, as well as use trends – such as increased use. Increased access to mobile as well as progressive web apps.

“All of these factors will change the online segment and by the end of 2019, they will look very different than they are today. Also, many traditional factors, such as standard content creation and link building from strong sources, have an impact. Keep the clutter up.

Voice Search

With smartphones and home assistant devices, voice search will become more popular next year. And by some estimates, by 2020, half of online traffic will be generated by words spoken on the device’s microphone. This will include not only asking simple questions, but adding reservations for product searches, locations or cinemas – screenings and more. This trend will also be reinforced by the impact of new personal assistant applications and, generally, the development of AI technologies.

Personalized Artificial intelligence

Although strong artificial intelligence and really smart machines are still far in the future, some “smart” applications like chatbots and facial recognition exist around us, and like “machine learning” and “deep learning” (deep learning). Technologies are evolving at a faster rate than ever. What is to come in 2019 is a solution that analyses how different web applications are used and how to adapt sites to this information. As a result, we can expect the user experience to be personalized and the emergence of fully customized sites, depending on their usage. Chat bots – another popular form of artificial intelligence – will come even more into our lives, and if they use today’s major telecommunication and banking support centres.

Influence of Link building will remain same

Search engine optimization (so-called SEO) will continue to be one of the key digital marketing tools, and creating quality links (links to other sites pointing to your website) will be a key to success. There are some opinions coming that the algorithm of Google for link building will be weak in the coming years but truly making backlinks from Quality Sources next year can make even more impact, as all other factors in the algorithm are very easy to manipulate as per the digital marketing advisor of assignment writing service who is performing well in bringing the academic site on top ranking with strong backlinkings.

Low influence of Social Networks:

One of the most important trends that has already started this year and will continue next year is consumer emissions and the confidence of some of the major social networks. Such platforms are likely to have a long-lasting impact on consumers’ personal data as well as their use in spreading fake news, and many are already predicting a “social” future. Which is attracting the attention of online consumers. By another type of site. It also spawned a new trend: users export posts from social networks and create websites – a job that can be done quickly and easily with automated tools.

Content Becomes King

For all the sites whether media information, blogs, news, corporate stories-content has become king and played a significant role in the internet development and digital marketing. In the future, this will become a key element of search engine positioning, as they increasingly identify quality content with technologies such as artificial intelligence, and gain weight on sites with high quality content. This means that such sites are ranked higher in search engine results and earn more free traffic – the more users visit them.

A new trend in the acquisition of standard content is the increasing use of so-called copywriting services. Customers order professional high volume writing for their sites so that their sites receive more content so that they gain customer attention and / or have a better position in search engines.

The mobile interface

Mobile Internet has long surpassed fixed-line computers, and the expectation is that this trend will be further compounded by the emergence of new classes of improved mobile access, including portable devices, more applications and 5G5G networks in the future. Will be faster. Search engines have long been aware of this factor and in the last two years, the first mobile rule has been listing sites. It is expected that next year it will become a site of more solid and so-called sites. Responsive design (optimized for all kinds of devices) to rank better on search.

Advanced web apps

One of the most exciting changes in terms of site development is the introduction of so-called. Developmental web apps are also affected by the increasing use of the mobile Internet. It’s a new type of web application that is close to the capabilities of traditional native mobile monkeys, but nevertheless based on open online standards. Inspired by newer versions of popular web technologies like HTML 5 and CSS 3, they offer new features such as offline work, network autonomy, browser selection, locally installed, notifications, And much more.

Video optimization

It has increased its demand and important to improve this type of content on both video hosting sites and search engines. This will surely improvise many digital marketing companies in coming years.

New consumer protection standards

We can see the web industry is feeling a great impact of GDPR that is last year’s European data protection regulation and also started preparing new stringent protocols in this respect and called ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) which does require certain kinds of businesses to uphold different accessible websites with disabilities for people and the other one is COPPA that is Children’s Online Privacy Protection with an aim to protect children under age 13.The fact that these regulations are American does not change the fact that many European web platforms will have to comply with them because of the international nature of the network.

Brands are becoming increasingly important to search engines

“Although hyperlinks remain an important factor for better positioning in search engines, it will be increasingly important to mention only names and brands in the coming year.” According to them, this means that companies need to take their brand presence more seriously on the web.

In short. If you want your sites to be well-known, you can rely on better quality text, more links to standard sites, and your brand name, address, and phone references in texts.
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