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The Airsoft M4 AEG Buying Guide

The Airsoft M4 AEG Buying Guide

With the developing prevalence of airsoft, it appears that each player is a “specialist” on purchasing gear, weapons, ammunition, and so on.

The issue is that huge numbers of these purchasing guides depend on helpless examination, absence of comprehension on how airsoft firearms work (individuals that make the contention that airsoft barrel augmentations mute a lot of sounds… – _-).

I’ve been playing airsoft for around three years investing a large portion of my free energy doing explore on most everything in the airsoft world.

I’m trusting that this guide will emphatically impact your choice of buying an AEG. This is my first instructable, so I’ll give a valiant effort to adequately convey my musings and thoughts.

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The Airsoft M4 AEG Buying Guide

AEG’s (Automatic Electric Guns)

These are the most widely recognized clash commendable airsoft weapons. They use battery power (alongside gears and an engine) to push 6mm plastic bb’s. Superb for Infantry, Assault, Defense, and practically every other position (If you’re a sharpshooter, at that point Spring airsoft firearms may likewise be a reasonable other option).

Evade Walmart and Sports Authority:

TRUST ME. I’ve spent well over $500 on modest airsoft that breaks and becomes pointless since you can’t Frankenstein them together. It’s well justified, despite all the trouble to spare the $100+ required for a good AEG.


Some AEG’s are made with bad plastic gearboxes. These WILL break exceptionally quickly. Likewise, magazines are to some degree hard to come purchase. Plastic gearboxes are exceptionally run of the mill of Walmart and Sports Authority Airsoft weapons. In the event that the mark/merchant doesn’t mention to you what sort of gearbox it has, IT IS PLASTIC. Metal gearboxes are the main kind that you ought to have in your AEG. The parts last MUCH more and the internals can shoot quicker and harder (however metal gearbox AEG’s can be intentionally changed to shoot increasingly slow) than those of their plastic partners.


Tokyo Marui developed the AEG, harking back to the ’90s, hence most brands are perfect with them. Essentially, if your airsoft firearm is good with Tokyo Marui you can utilize similar magazines and parts (on the off chance that something breaks) as ANYONE else that has Tokyo Marui perfect parts (I can share my Tokyo Marui M4 magazines with my companion’s M4 that utilizes Tokyo Marui magazines). By ensuring your airsoft weapon is Tokyo Marui good you are possibly sparing yourself a huge amount of cash.


Other than Tokyo Marui Compatibility, certain models take certain magazines. For instance, I have an airsoft M4. My (Tokyo Marui good) M4 can impart magazines to other M4’s, the SCAR-L, the L85, the M249, and different firearms. I can’t impart magazines to the AK47 or the G36 without truly changing the AK47 or the G36 (Some organizations make a transformation unit that permits you to utilize M4 magazines) to acknowledge just M4 magazines and no other. This is an enormous main factor maybe not at first, however as you keep on playing the game when it abandons 2 versus 2 into 15 versus 15.


Everyone adores the toughness of metal-bodied airsoft firearms (rather than plastic bodies), yet the metal is substantial. Suppose, for instance, 7 pounds. 7 pounds get extremely overwhelming in the wake of a difficult day of playing particularly when it is hot outside. Numerous AEG’s that utilization plastic bodies utilize excellent plastics/ABS/and potentially Polymer. On the off chance that you at any point chose to exchange that plastic body for a metal one, it will ordinarily run you $50-100 for a metal body.

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Key Differences Between an M4, Ar-15, and M16

Many best-inspected rundowns will incorporate each of the three models so what are the real contrasts between the M4, AR-15, and M16? These marks can’t be utilized reciprocally despite the fact that there are just a couple of angles that are unique.

Here is a snappy clarification of each sort of airsoft rifle.

The AR-15 is the fundamental model of the M4 and M16 and is a name that can be given to any stoner style firearm structure. There are no particular highlights that an AR-15 must agree to as far as barrel length or stock style.

You can think about the M4 and M16 a subgroup of the AR-15 on the grounds that these two models do need to agree to specific specs to be given their name.

The M4 is a carbine meaning it is shorter and more lightweight than the standard creation it a mainstream practice weapon. Qualities are a 14.5-inch barrel and collapsible stock, fixed front sight, and normally a rail framework for modifying.

The M4 has a military assignment implying that it is the main completely computerized model in this gathering. This is additionally why airsoft players like this sort, it lets them pick between self-loader and full-auto mode.

The M16 likewise has a military assignment yet it is bigger and heavier than the M4. An M16 typically has a 20-inch barrel and a fixed stock with a rail framework, iron sights, and flash hider as discretionary additional items.

Looking at the M4 and M16 it is straightforward why the first is so famous. It makes the players increasingly nimble while as yet profiting by full-auto mode and access to extras.

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