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The Best Entertainment Shows on HBO Max

Are you fond of watching entertaining shows, and series which makes the overall experience well sorted, and memorable then HBO Max is the best place to make this dream turn into reality. HBO Max is a well known, USA based entertainment website, and entertainment platform where we can witness all the trending shows throughout the journey, still trending within the connection.

You can call HBO Max, a hub of entertainment, well-scripted shows which makes the overall experience worthy, and well maintained under the influence of actors, and producers who are known best for their acting skills, and productivity.

Sadly, HBO Max is geo-restricted in many regions, including the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and all other countries, due to the availability made accessible freely in the US region precisely. But, you can read a complete guide on unblocking HBO Max in Australia, and other regions from the entertainment news, and tricks website, Rant-Ent known best for broadcasting the recent trends and guide articles for readers. To know more about VPN you can read here.

In this article, you’ll understand and learn quick descriptions of the top trending shows on HBO Max, as of Feb 2021 so you can enjoy unlimited access to your favourite shows, and series within time.

The Best Trending Entertainment Shows on HBO Max

Let’s have a look at the best trending entertainment shows on HBO Max, within the time and exact description.

  1. Games Of Thrones – A Well Known Thriller Drama Series

It’s so unfair if we have to explain much about HBO Max most trending, and evergreen show Games of Thrones, because it was trending worldwide throughout the region when it was on-air, although audiences were not expecting a quick closure to a well-trending thriller, and entertainment series like Games of Thrones.

The basic story of Game Of Thrones revolves around nine noble families, who were waged to have a war against each other, in order to gain control over the mythical land of Westeros. Although, there was another force rising after the millennials, and threatens the existence of the living men. The entire story and series were full of thrill, drama, romance, and mystery with six seasons that trend a lot on the Internet throughout the time.

Emilia Clarke, Kit Harington, Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner, and Peter Dinklage are known for their best acting skills throughout the series and left a memorable image in the mind of their watchers.

2. Person Of Interest – A mysterious crime series

A large number of people are more towards the mysterious shows, and series then Person of Interest is the best series, for them. It’s a crime scene based series, revolving around a billionaire who prevents violent criminals with the assistance of an all-seeing machine, that easily predicts the upcoming activity before time.

The machine that predicts the events before time, is reclusively revolving around billionaire Harold Finch, who fakes his own death, and hides in a building to prevent the creation from being able to reframe him, and his activities within time. Although he still sees the value within the machine, and starts recruiting the help of John Resse, who is playing the role of a former Green Beret CIA agent, who is presumed to be dead, and still investigates the cases, and stops all the criminal activities before time!

So, it’s a thriller series from the first episode to the last one, and in each case, the entertainment element is made more viable, and prominent, having 6 seasons with positive feedback from the customers.

3. 30 Coins – Former Convict, and Exorcist Stories

It is a horror series, with a baseline highlighting a scary storyline throughout the collection, where a Father Vergara, who is an exorcist, boxer, and ex-convict exiled in a remote town in Spain, and with the help of a mayor, and veterinarian, considering a series of paranormal phenomena, begins to start keeping the audience stay connected to the screens. In reality, very strange, and paranormal activities started to come up in front of them, keeping Vergara amazed and puzzled. What is the base reason behind the activities?

It’s a mysterious, fantasy, horror, and thrilling series, offered in the Spanish language, but translated versions are also available so anyone can witness, and enjoy the series within time!

4.The Alienist: Angel of Darkness – A Novel Based Series

A lot of people love to watch series that are based on novels, and The Alienist is one of them. It is based on a novel, which was the best selling book series, because of the criminal thrill scenes, written in a way that readers consider everything is happening right in front of their eyes.

The story goes around by Caleb Carr, in the 1890s during the time where a serial killer is on the urge of losing in New York City, targeting all the young prostitutes. It’s a fiction series, with elements of historical facts, and figures including Theodore Roosevelt’s time as a police inspector, to track down the killer with the help of a psychologist and newspaper illustrator who conducted the investigation series in secret time. Season 1 ends with an ambiguous trend, whereas season 2 received a lot of positive feedback as it was one of the best series focusing on social issues, like income inequality, and the active role of women in the 1980s.

5. Search Party – A Mysterious HBO Series

Search Party is a mysterious,4 seasons based HBO series working well throughout the Internet, and they continued to showcase their series over the Internet, because of the quality content and positive feedback they were receiving from their acquaintances throughout the active journey of the series. It starts with an old college acquaintance, Chantal who goes missing in the first episode creating a mystery in the mind of watchers. Dory, who is the fast friend of the missing mate, goes on a mission to find her, with the help of her boyfriend, and other college friends. It has a very mysterious, and thriller genre, and starts with a classic mystery where Nancy Drew – works like a detective and still manages to shift to more of a psychological thriller vibe for season 2, and season 3.


And that a wrap! I hope you people enjoyed reading this entire blog, where we discussed different shows, and series trending well over the platform of HBO Max, which is a hub of entertainment, and thriller series with positive reviews, and feedback from the customers.

Although, if you still have some questions in your mind, then do leave a message or comment in the feedback section, so we can come up with a relative topic or blog article next time.

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