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The Best Junk Cleaner and Booster Apps for Android

If you are using an Android smartphone and it is getting slower day by day, then you require an app that can clean the junk in your phone and boost it to work faster. Fortunately, we have some fantastic junk cleaner and booster apps for Android that can help you solve your problem. Some apps claim that they can clean and boost your phone and make it work faster, but they don’t actually do the same. But you don’t have to worry, because today we will share with you some of the best Android cleaner apps that will definitely boost your android smartphone. So, let’s get started.

All-In-One Toolbox

All-In-One Toolbox has some amazing features that make it one of the best android apps for cleaning junk files. It has a memory management tool that can clean all the background apps, its cache cleaning tool can delete all the unnecessary files and create storage in your phone, and the CPU cooling feature keeps your phone’s temperature low. Despite these advanced features, it has an app uninstaller tool, a game booster, and a photo compressor that can compress your photos and save the storage of your smartphone.


This app can automatically detect junk files, and its app cleaner tool deletes those files quickly from your phone’s internal storage. If your phone has duplicate files, this app can identify them too and remove them. It has a fantastic feature called CorpseFinder that cleans the deleted files left in your phone’s internal storage.

Avast Cleanup

Avast Cleanup has lots of features that really can help you boost your phone. It has a Quick Clean feature that identifies and shows the cache files, app data, and empty files that you can clean in a single tap. You can use it to put some of your apps into hibernation mode so that your phone will function better. This app can find the apps which are taking the vast storage and draining the phone’s battery. There is another cleaner and booster app named AVG Cleaner, which is acquired by Avast. So The Avast Cleaner is available as AVG Cleaner too, and the best thing about the AVG Cleaner is that you can download its lite version too, which is available to download as AVG Cleaner Lite.

Android Cleaner

It is loaded with a bunch of features including a duplicate file cleaner, a game booster, junk file cleaner, a file explorer, a battery optimizer, a WhatsApp junk file cleaner, an app manager, and a hibernate feature that allows you to hibernate your apps temporary to save draining of battery and get the best experience of using your phone.


It is a very popular app used to clean Windows and macOS. It is also available for Android. It allows you to clean junk files in your android smartphone, boost your device, and monitor the system usage. This app also gives you suggestions to remove unnecessary files to clear the storage.

Nox Cleaner

Nox Cleaner is one of the best cleaner apps loaded with lots of fantastic features like cleaning and boosting your phone, indicating system cache files, ad spam feature, identifying app cache files, and uninstalling unnecessary data, and a lot more. It can free your phone’s RAM just in a tap. Despite these fantastic features, it offers you an app locker, game booster, WhatsApp cleaner, notification blocker, VPN, and many more tools. This app contains lit ads that might annoy you, but you can purchase its pro version that will remove the ads from the app.

Phone Cleaner

This app can check your phone’s storage and detect if your phone requires cleaning or boosting. Despite cleaning junks, cache, and unnecessary files, it shows you big data files too that you can delete if you don’t need them. It is an excellent cleaner and booster app for an Android device.

There are plenty of apps for cleaning and boosting your android device, but these are some of the best apps that will not dissatisfy you when you use them. Norton Cleaner & Junk Remover, Ace Cleaner, and Files by Google (formally Files Go) are some other best alternatives that you can download and use on your phone to clear junk files and boost it.

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