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The Best Photo and Video Editing Apps to Use on Chromebook

We all love to capture a lot of photos and videos in our everyday life. Thanks to the smart devices that allow us to do that without any difficulty. Taking good pictures and videos is not rocket science and especially with the smartphones that we own. And after capturing, editing becomes important to make our photos and videos even more attractive and good looking. But, when it comes to editing, then we need to have stable software with a well-performing computer system. Most people usually don’t prefer to use Chromebooks because of the lack of the creative suite of apps in them. However, this seems to be true. But, that doesn’t mean that the Chromebooks cannot perform tasks like editing photos and videos. Yes, you can do editing on your Chromebooks. Do you know how to do that? Facing difficulty in deciding what apps to use for the best editing?

Somehow, Chromebooks have become the cheapest alternatives to expensive Windows and macOS computer systems. It is also true that the desktop apps that you know and love to use for editing are still unavailable for the Chromebooks. But, there are some other great editing tools that you can use to perform editing on your Chromebook. If you are facing difficulty to decide what apps to use for editing your photos and videos on Chromebooks, then you have come to the right place. Here, we have lined up a list of the best photo and video editing software that will help you to decide which one’s best for you. So, to get the list, please keep reading the article.

The Best Photo and Video Editing Tools to Install on Chromebook

Those days are gone now when you needed to have an expensive computer system to do editing on your photos and videos. Currently, there are a lot of editing applications available that you can use on your Chromebook. All the options that we have mentioned on our list are pretty good and will provide you with the best experience. So, now, it’s time to get to the list of the best photos and video editing software. Take a look.


Kinemaster is one of the leading video editor applications that anyone can use on Chromebook. It is a simple and easy to use tool with amazing features that will provide you with the best editing experience. Kinemaster app has a clean user interface that allows you to use various filters and tools to edit your videos. The features in this app are various that includes a multi-layer timeline, trimming, cropping, speed control, color adjustments, and many more. Along with this, it allows you to add music and transitions to your videos. And the best part is it is free to use this editing tool. Well, to unlock more advanced features, you can consider its pro version.

WeVideo Web App

WeVideo Web app is another excellent option to choose for editing videos. Anyone can use this web-based video editing application if their Chromebook does not support Android apps. This app comes with multiple audio and video tracks and allows you to use them in your video clips. The cool features included in this application are transitions, 4K exporting, rotation, cropping, animations, and a lot of effects that you can apply in your videos while editing. It also allows you to sync our videos to cloud storage services. You can have the free version of this video editing tool that will enable you to publish 5 minutes of videos with a watermark. To get more advanced options, you can go for its paid subscription.

Google Photos

Google Photos is one of the well-known photo-editing applications used by millions of people. It is an excellent option for those who don’t want any super fancy features for editing their pictures. Anyone can use the Google Photos app to edit their pictures on Chromebook. With this photo editing application, you can apply various filters, adjust colors, improve exposure, and perform multiple functionalities on your images. The other useful features included in this app are unlimited storage for saving high-quality photos, searching tools, auto improvements, and many more. It is a free photo-editing application that you can use on your Chromebook.


Snapseed is another popular photo-editing application that anyone can use on their Chromebook. It is a simple application with amazing features that you can apply in your photos while editing. It has a lot of users from all over the world. The basic features that are included in this app are HDR, exposure mapping, color composition, and much more than that. It also supports the RAW file format. It is a free application to install on your Chromebooks. Go on and give this fantastic photo editing application a chance.

Adobe Lightroom App

Coming to the last option, here is another fantastic photo-editing application that allows you to perform editing on your images to make them beautiful. Adobe Lightroom app comes with a bunch of features to explore. This is a quite popular application among professionals. This app makes it easy for everyone to edit their images by applying features like adjusting the color, fixing exposure, cropping, and much more. Anyone can use this application without any charges.

So, these were the best five photo and video editing applications that are designed for enthusiasts and professionals. I hope this report will help you to choose the best option. For more suggestions like this, stay tuned with us and visit our website.

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