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The Best Pruners for Gardening

Every person who loves gardening always wants their garden to blossom with flowers. But for that, you need high-quality pruners. Gardening pruners are the need of everyone, whether you are an amateur gardener or a professional horticulturist. They are accommodating when it comes to sustaining the beauty of your garden by maintaining its state. These pruners are invaluable to all those interested in handling plants, whether big trees or small flowering plants. Pruners are meant to give life to the plants. They are used to remove unwanted elements that can hinder the thriving potential of the plants. Pruning activities include eliminating certain parts of the plants like branches, buds, and roots.

Here is the list of some of the best gardening pruners for all those who love gardening and want to see their gardens full of well-maintained flowers. Our selection of these pruners is based on the research and reviews received by these pruners.

Felco 2 Classic Manual Hand Pruner

Felco 2 Classic Manual Hand Pruner

Felco 2 has topped among all gardening pruners due to its features. The pruner is not only easy to use and repair, but also it is durable and smooth. It will require you to exert only a slight force while cutting thick branches due to its soft opening and bypass blades. The plastic coating of forged aluminum alloy on its handles has made it unbreakable and easy to repair. Besides, it has strong blades of hardened steel, making it capable of withstanding sharpening even dozens of times. You can most significantly find replacement parts very quickly and widely for your pruner if its function has been worn out. The lovers of gardening and gardeners widely admire it. It serves the best when it comes to trimming and clipping delicate branches, shrubs, flowers, and perennials due to its specifically designed blades.



If you are yearning for the perfect pruner, then ARS HP-VS8Z can give you the utmost satisfaction. It’s worth getting due to its significant features. The tool is excellent when it comes to getting perfect cleaning, flat cutting in soft stems, hardwood dowels, woody growth, and even crushing and tearing of buckthorn branches of about 3/4 inches. The stunningly sharp blades made of high carbon steel have been modified for resilience and hardness. Besides, the availability of tight and precise tolerance between the two edges of the pruner makes its cutting action smooth. The presence of aluminum handles in the plastic coating has made it easy for the users to hold it and move as per their needs and get easy cutting. However, its pricing is inconsistent, but it is available widely everywhere.

Corona BP 3180

Corona BP 3180

Corona BP 3180 can be considered as a great budget pick. It has enough sharp blades that can slice through thick branches and spindly stems efficiently and swiftly. Moreover, you can cut branches of about 2/4 inches one-handed with this pruner. Also, it accepts replacement springs, blades, and screws. The pruner has large enough handles splaying out widely. The introduction of forging compact molecules of steel in the pruner has made it the most durable and most robust to give maximum performance. The pruner’s hook and blade design are of much use for the users for providing precise, close, and clean cuts.

Our other picks that are giving tough competition to these pruners

The Felco 6 is the smaller version of Felco 2 with the same sharp blades and efficient functionalities. However, the handles are slightly shorter, giving a smaller capacity and lighter weight. The pruner can be an excellent option for users whose hands are fast. The other Felco model is Felco 14, a smaller model but an excellent one for consistent performance. Apart from these, the Tierra Pro 38-1713 7.5 and Tierra Pro 38 1710 8.5 bypass pruning shears are equally swift and efficient in giving clean cuts.

Our next favorite pick includes the Okatsune 101 7-inch bypass pruners, which can be the favorite for the bonsai enthusiasts. The pruner is made of Izumo Yasuki Japanese steel delivering a Rockwell hardness of about 60+/-1. In simple terms, the pruner can stay sharp for a longer time than the other pruners. The pruners can cut the dowels and live branches correctly and quickly. The Burgon & Ball Professional compact Bypass Secateur GTO/PRL gives similar performance as Okatsune. Similarly, the Tierra Garden 35-1731 Ergo Forged bypass pruners do also not have the same level of performance as the Tierra Pro model, but they can cut scallions swiftly and correctly; however, they tend to crush the Norway maple branches and dowels.

The Burgon & Ball RHS GTO/SC Bypass Secateur is respectable, opening wide and snapping hard at shutting. It can cut dowels of about 1/2 inches and buckthorn branches of about 3/4 inches when you will force it with your two hands. Besides, it can make flat and good cuts in live branches.

The Fiskars Quantum Hand Pruner can’t cut scallions but can shorten the Norway Maple branches of about 3/8-inches unevenly along with tearing bark. Regarding Fiskars PowerGear2, its manufacturers Fiskars have said that it can give up to 3.2x power on every cut. The Gardena 8757 Classic Vine Bypass Hand Pruner can cut materials up to the thickness of 20mm and cut the branches dowels of 1/2 inches and buckthorn branches of 3/4 inches. The Tierra Pro 38-1707 7 inches bypass pruning shears can barely cut the buckthorn branches of 3/4 inches and leave the uneven surface with torn barks and cuts.

The Corona BP 3350 Bypass Pruner has an adjustable grip, and it is economical too. Moreover, the replacement blades are also available if you want to buy it. However, you will need to exert more pressure while using your two hands to close it on the buckthorn branches of 3/4 inches and dowels of 1/2 inches. The Corona BP 6310 required more force while cutting scallions. On the contrary, Kenyon Forged Bypass Pruner 41406 is very much decent on slicing raspberries and scallions; however, it requires you to exert more force while cutting live branches and wooden dowels.

You can get AM Leonard 1286 Traditional Bypass Pruners at a slightly lower price than Felco 2. These pruners are very much comfortable as that of ARS HP-VS8Z, and also you can get replacement parts. However, the Fiskars 7936 PowerGear Pruner required more force than any other pruners while cutting raspberries and scallions cut dowels of 1/4 inches unevenly. Still, you can cut the branches of Norway Maple with your one hand only. The ARS HP-VS8R Signature Heavy Duty Rotating Handle Hand Pruner is very resembling the ARS HP-VS8Z featuring the same sharp blades and smooth and perfect function. The EZ Kut Heavy Duty Ratchet Pruner can slice the raspberries canes of about 1/4 inches efficiently and effectively without ratcheting. It can also ratchet through the dowel’s of 1/2 inches and branches of 3/4 inches without any fuss and with little force.

The Gardener’s Friend Ratchet Hand Pruners are the easiest ratcheting pruners for cutting. It can cut branches of 3/4 inches and dowels of 1/2 inches with a little force. The tool also comes with a sponge saturated in mineral oil and embedded in the handle to oil and clean the blades. The lightweight Corona RP 3230 Ratchet Action Anvil Pruner is quite an economical choice and can cut through easily even thick branches. The Flexrake LRB205 Ratchet Anvil can do a mediocre job of slicing scallions. The Gardena 8798-U Smart cut Ratchet Pruner is the most expensive one, but it comes with a specific feature. It has the lever that can switch the pruners from the direct bypass mode to ratchet mode. In the end, the Gardenite Ratchet Pruning Shears are, however, more extensive than any other pruning shears, and you will need to squeeze twice at the end of every snip for engaging it to perform a clean cut.

How have these Pruners been Picked?

Several key points were taken into consideration before preparing the final list of these pruners. Pruners are required to make clean and straight cuts without hurting the hands of users. If any pruner is cutting unevenly, then it can create several problems. Uneven cuts make it difficult for the plants to get healed and expose them to disease and insects, creating the crevices in which water can get collected and increase the chances of rotting and infections. So, we need a pruner that can cut the branches and stems reliably without hurting your hands.

To find out the best gardening pruners, we first consider the quality of its blades. The blades made of high tempered carbon steel or carbon steel last longer. Some companies put chrome coatings or titanium on edges for rust resistance. The second thing that holds importance is the overall design of the pruners. The system should allow the pruners to cut accurately and evenly.

Moreover, it should come down to the middle nut. Also, the screw should control the distance between the blades. If the pruners’ edges rest very tightly against each other, then blades will become unable to do cuttings. Besides, a pruner must fit the user’s grip for smooth opening and closing with one hand. In the end, you can find two types of pruners basically in the market. These two types include anvil pruners and bypass pruners.

Source: The Best Pruners for Gardening
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