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The Card Fundraiser: How to Sell Discount Cards

Many organizations often face challenges when raising funds, especially non-profit organizations. This is why it is essential to consider alternative sources of generating revenue, especially considering that these organizations need funds for their day-to-day operations.

Card fundraisers are a way by which organizations can conveniently generate funds.

How Do Discount Card Fundraisers Work?

Discount cards depend majorly on the partnerships between the non-profit and other local businesses. These businesses agree to grant specific discounts to people who present these discount cards when making purchases at said businesses. This allows the non-profit to sell the discount cards for a price.

Discount card fundraisers are very effective in generating funds. However, it also requires some input. Pulling off a successful card fundraiser depends on a large number of factors; the number of volunteers, number of partner organizations, etc.

However, one of the most important factors to consider is how you plan to sell the cards. In most cases, discount cards often cause some sense of obligation, especially if they support the cause of the non-profit. This, however, might not always be enough to meet your sales target.

How to Sell Discount Cards for Fundraising

·         Choose Businesses Carefully

When looking for businesses to partner with in your discount card fundraiser, ensure that your work with reputable stores and companies within your region. Your cards are more saleable when the discount offered is from a recognizable brand in the area.

In some regions, there are already established structures that might be of some help, and all you need to do is search for ‘discount card fundraiser near me’ for more information. In some other instances, you might have to do the running around yourself.

·         Sell to People You Know

Always try to sell your discount cards to members of your organization. Most times, the people most likely to purchase your fundraiser cards are the ones that are closest to your organization. Also, these people understand the value of the card and know how much they can save. This way, you get to make easy sales while also giving your volunteer some form of reward.

You can also choose to extend this to family and friends, and it is advisable to involve them in the sales of the cards.

·         Target High Traffic Spots

As part of your sales strategy, you can also target spots in your area with a high foot traffic. This can range from local stores to major walkways. Some local store managers might even allow you to set a booth outside their store to help you gain access to more people.

·         Go Online

If you have a website or social media page, you can also use these resources to sell your discount cards online. For people that might not meet in person, you can create special pages to ensure that they can complete the purchase online. This makes the process convenient for both you and the buyer.

As mentioned earlier, if you are new to a particular area, you might want to look out for searches like ‘discount card fundraiser near me’ to check if there are any other special considerations to look out for in discount card fundraisers in that area.
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