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The fastest caricaturist for the event

He has been an event artist for a long time. He draws caricatures live, during company and private events. He travels professionally all over Poland, he is also invited to other countries. How to become the fastest caricaturist?

Quick caricatures at events

100 seconds – on average, it takes Szczepan Sadurski from Poland to conjure up a witty portrait on a blank sheet of paper. There were also orders that required drawing one caricature in 30 seconds. Only one caricaturist from Poland can cope with such a task.

Drawing funny caricatures at events is still a rarity. And when an organizer plans such an attraction in Poland, one name usually comes to mind: Sadurski.

In the last 10 years, he has created 50,000 funny portraits. Over 500 events all over Poland, also in the USA, Australia and Europe. Wherever he appears, his talent guarantees wide smiles on faces, and even sincere outbursts of laughter – at the sight of witty drawn faces.

Witty drawings

He was never a street artist and he didn’t draw caricatures in the street. In his youth, he created comic stories, and made his press debut at the age of 14. Soon he began studying at the art high school in his hometown of Lublin. His drawings were printed mainly in the local press, and on his 18th birthday he made his debut in the satirical weekly Szpilki, famous in Poland.

He soon became the magazine’s most published cartoonist. He was also awarded the Golden Pin ’86, the most prestigious award for a drawing satirist in the country.

Joke magazines

He could have become the most famous press cartoonist, but he decided to realize his youthful dream. He became a publisher and in 1991 started a small magazine with jokes, humor and cheerful drawings. Dobry Humor, as he called it, quickly gained popularity. From 20,000, after a few years, it became 200,000! Fan clubs of the magazine were established all over Poland.

After some time, he began to receive offers from companies in the event industry. “Everyone knows you and likes your drawings. Maybe you will draw caricatures of event participants?” That’s how Sadurski, who likes new challenges, became an event caricaturist. Before he scored half a thousand events and 50,000 drawn caricatures, newspapers in New York wrote that Sadurski was “one of the fastest caricaturists in the world”.

Is it possible to draw caricatures at such an amazing pace? To find out, you need to invite this excellent caricaturist to your event!

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