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The Five Best Mockup Software in 2020

Mockup software is an excellent tool through which entrepreneurs can create digital versions of their products. If you aren’t technologically sound enough to create professional-looking products on photoshop, these tools can help you create a beautiful digital version of your unborn product. You can use your aesthetic sense and the efficiency of these tools to create a mockup of your product that is worthy of a sales pitch, or even for display.

Thus, if you’re a business enthusiast and want to give your ideas a professional edge, give these enlisted products a try.


A brilliant answer to the problem of a professional look, this tool is especially useful for people without the knowledge of sophisticated software like Photoshop for creating digital content. There are six different categories to choose from – Print, Packaging, Apparel, Home & Décor, Social Media and Technology.

These categories are filled up with hundreds of options, being updated weekly. Thus, your ideas remain fresh. You can develop your brand’s merchandise, website, check the look of your logo in different marketing spaces, and much more. These tools go a long way in creating the perfect pitch. On top of it, the mockup service gives you high-resolution images, not as readily available by competitors. Especially not in such abundance. There’s also the option of integration with Canva, Marvel and Dropbox. You can use limited features and around two hundred templates for free, further than that, you can subscribe to the paid service.


The highlights of this service are an extensive collection of templates and the option to create videos. The sheer amount of options available on this website are awe-worthy. You immediately feel the immensity of the choices they have to offer. Any merchandise you can think of, on almost all primary technological and trending mediums, are available on this mockup software. And if that wasn’t enough, you can create your video mockup and a logo for your company on this website itself. The drawback here is the site is very Apple-specific. With other companies growing with just as much intensity, the target audience you’re covering might be varied than the products offered.


The top player in the game by a lot of measures, this software allows you to choose from a much broader range of placements. Choose from T-shirts, cards, social media and mugs. A simple drag and drop movement are required to put your design in any of the available templates. These customized images can be downloaded as PNG, JPEG or PSD. There are free options that carry a watermark. On the other hand, a watermark-free image can be attained through the subscription of the service. You can avail it monthly, annually or even take a single day pass for unlimited downloads at an optimal cost.


From the most robust software to crack, we now move on to essentially the easiest one. This one is for the eccentric ones, looking to explore. This software, MockFlow, can make almost all your product fantasies come to digital life. The highlights are that it is an affordable application that gives you more tools to work with, and services such as the ability to streamline UI approval. You can emulate an iPhone or Android TV screen so that you don’t have to build the whole interface. There are tonnes of other choices too, for emulating multiple user interfaces.

There is a free version you can opt for, but the professional version will be beneficial if you’re serious about it.


This is the most peculiar option in the list, as it comes with the most suspicious tagline: FREE  (almost).

The service is a highly functional mockup software that provides you with nearly all the necessary features you’ll need. The only catch is there are ads and watermarks involved in this whole process. This might not be an issue for some, and if you’re one of those people, go at it. Even the annoyances can be removed if you’re willing to part with some of your cheese. There are other quirks as well, like the predetermined resolution requirements. If the uploaded image doesn’t match the prerequisite resolution, it doesn’t go through properly. So, that’s a bummer. And you need some image editing skills to use this.

Mockups are a great way to prepare for pitches or plan different ideas. It helps you visualize your products in real-time. You can use it to enhance ideas, work on your concepts, and find out what looks apt and what doesn’t. Hope this list helps!

Source:-  Best Mockup Software in 2020
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