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The Importance of Internal links for Best SEO Services Agency in New York

One of the most used and most recommended techniques by experts of Best SEO Services Agency in New York to optimize a website on search engines is the creation of so-called internal links. Understanding what is essential, so make yourself comfortable and read carefully!

What are Internal Links?

Internal links are hyperlinks that allow the user to easily move from one page to another of the website. Internal links are very important to better connect your web pages with related topics. If you have two pages that deal with a similar topic then, it is convenient to link them together. This is important for two reasons:

  • User experience

Linking multiple pages alongside a related topic means allowing interested users to deepen a subject and improve the user experience of your site. this may allow you to stay users on your sites for as long as possible.

Inserting a dense network of internal links means allowing a far better crawl of your site by the program spiders which will be ready to pass from link to link and properly scan the location. Furthermore, the amount of internal links on a site is additionally a particular signal to Google. The more inbound links there are on an internet page, the more it’ll have worth compared to the others.

  • The Difference between Internal and External links

At this point, you may be wondering what the difference is between internal links and external links. These are both critical to your website’s SEO and the difference is very big. In fact, internal links are those links present in the text of your site, and that allows you to move from one web page to another. External links, on the other hand, are links that refer from one site to another and which are essential for link-building activity and the reputation of your site. But that’s another topic. If you are interested you can learn more here.

The Goals of Internal and External links are also Different:

The internal link is aimed at creating a sitemap for both search engines and for your user, who will not have to navigate all of your sub-pages alone to find something useful to him. On the other hand, the internal link will also increase the reputation of your site. Because it will consider easily navigable and with a high user experience.

External links, on the opposite hand, are often of two types: to and from your site. An external link that goes from your site to the surface could only be partially advantageous. Because it could lead the user to quickly leave your website.
During a program dedicated to SEO Services for your website, multiple solutions will need to be considered. Which can include both internal and incoming links to your webspace.

How to Best use Internal links for SEO?

After seeing why you should consider using internal links for SEO, now you can see some techniques needed to optimize the use of this tool even more.

Of course, we always recommend that you contact experts to do this job, but in any case, knowing more is essential.

  • The Most Important Pages

In general, internal links should go from one main page to other subpages. So, you should start from the page in which the general topics will be explained to then move on to some in-depth information. For example, you can start from the page where you will explain what contact dermatitis is, and then move on. With internal links, to the remedies, the causes, and so on. At the same time the leaf pages, ie the sub-pages should have at least one link back to the main page. As you can see, the fundamental objective is to create a dense network of links.

  • The Anchor Text

The words from which you start your internal link will be very important. This is because, in the first place, Google tends not to reward those who use generic or off-topic words concerning the content of the landing page.

Also, you’ll need to try to not confuse the user. You’ll only need to propose really relevant links. Brooding about the instance of dermatitis just given. You’ll start from the most page the link to the secondary pages using relevant anchor text. For instance, one among the links can start from the words “Contact dermatitis remedies” while another can start from the phrase “Contact dermatitis causes”.

This way you will have met both of the above requirements.

  • The amount

Finally, avoid inserting dozens of internal links, which could confuse your reader and which, at the same time, could seem purely advertising. Use a fair amount that allows you to stay in the rank of information and not advertising. Google recommends placing fewer than 100 internal links on its pages. This is because an excess of links can confuse users.

Mistakes to Avoid in internal SEO links

Finally, after having seen the good practices to be used for internal links. Now you will be able to see the mistakes not to be made in the creation of these links.

First of all, avoid linking pages with different themes or topics to each other so as not to confuse users. Also, don’t use the Nofollow command in internal links. With this command, search engines are advised not to follow a link and therefore not to crawl a web page. This would voluntarily penalize a web page.

You should also avoid making internal links that do not point anywhere, i.e. broken links. This situation is heavily penalized by the search engines and therefore you keep track of the landing pages of your links.

Finally, do not insert links with generic anchor text, such as “read here” or “download here” but always be specific.
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