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The Last of Us Part II: Fans Discuss Intricate Details of Ellie

Both critics and fans have very well received the Last of Us Part II. It was released on June 19th this year and sold over 4 million copies in a single weekend. Launched as a PlayStation exclusive, just like its predecessor, it broke all records in its class. A lot of discussions have been going on in gaming communities about different aspects of the game. This majorly includes an in-depth analysis of one of the main characters, Ellie. Neil Druckmann created the character voiced by Ashley Johnson. Both of them have received a lot of appreciation for their work on the character.

Ellie is a recurring character throughout the series. After appearing in the first part of the game, she was also the only playable character in the DLC prequel that later came out by the name of The Last of Us: Left Behind and was the protagonist of the comic book prequel as well. So, fans have seen the character go through a lot throughout the franchise. And Ellie is now recognized as one of the most well-thought and well-created female characters in the gaming-verse.

The more people play the game, the more details they find out about Ellie

Ellie is portrayed as a strong woman who understands that she is in a survival situation and acts accordingly. Her relationship with the now-deceased Joel was a hot topic in the beginning, but people realized fast enough that this character had way more to say than just that. As she moves on in life and explores parts of her identity, she is also confronted by the constant fear of death. Ellie has shown the true meaning of a sound female character that stands on her own. There is no knight in shining armor because she doesn’t need one. And this has made the character a real fan-favorite.

Reddit is full of Ellie’s fans!

In the latest development, a Reddit community was discussing the intricate details that show more things about Ellie’s personality. A user by the handle. u/plan_with_stan who uploaded a video showing how the game includes the smallest details, like Ellie’s reaction to the things around her. When Ellie is standing beneath water steam, you can notice how she reacts. Similarly, as we progress through the Part II story, through the waterlogged city of Seattle, we see her reactions with much more clarity. These little details make The Last of Us one of the most popular franchises in the gaming world. The people over at Naughty Dog and Sony Entertainment play special care to what their characters reflect, through small tiny details. We hope they continue to keep paying much attention to the finer parts of the game and the fantastic graphics and storylines that they have consistently given us.

Source-Fans Discuss Intricate Details of Ellie
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