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The List of Top 7 Best Seller eBooks of Amazon 2020

eBooks of Amazon

Are you ready kids?

Aye, Aye Captain!


Who lives on the top list of eBooks under Amazon?

Is it SpongeBob Square-Pants?

Might be! To find out, we have to go through the most amazing list of best sellers on Amazon for 2020.

Are you a Novelist? Book-worm?& Loves to Read?

Then you must be aware of Charles Dickens and his version of David Copperfield. Everyone read it. Golden!

But, isn’t it too old to keep on reading even in 2020? (Read it for 1246th time till now)

Is it hard to let go of such a beautiful book that you feel inseparable to? Same feelings!(Divas Las’Vegas, Belinda Jones)But as a reader, we are enthusiastic and want more and more into our book-shelf of mind.

Though not to mention that in reality, we somehow fall behind to buy our favorite books just because we don’t have a place to put them anymore! Book-shelf is already full.

Time for eBooks!!

This is where eBooks come in handy.

The traditional books are a thing of past where typewriters are exchanges with eBooks writing service online all over the world. Because that what majority goes for in this tech-era.

I don’t have to carry 12 books for my journey to another city in tangible form with more than 2kg weight! I’m carrying all my books (over 345) anywhere I go.


EBookis the answer.

When it gets to eBooks, you can’t just buy any book, right?

You need to get your hands on the Best Sellers!! We all know Amazon is the king to reveal that.

So, without further ado…

Best Seller eBooks Of Amazon 2020!

Who reached the top and who was left behind? Well, you would only know the toppers through this list of eBooks.

Latest, Trendiest and the Best of Best!

Want to know who won the battle to be the top bestseller on Amazon?

1)   Thief River Falls

                   By: Brian Freeman


Because, it is about a girl called Lisa, who is a tortured ghost of her formerself.(Absolute Chills!)

We all know Brian Freeman is the best-selling author of New York Times. His psychological thrillers are famous world-wide. Whereas, in his latest book published on February, 1st 2020, he gave Goosebumps through the story of harrowing loss and series of tragedies.

2)   Last Day

                   By: Luanne Rice

With 34 novels which are translated into 24 languages, Luanne Rice remains on the top list of New York Times as the bestseller.

In her latest write-up, she combined the genres of mystery, thriller and suspense by proposing “Last Day”. Where twenty-years ago a detective vowed to protect two sisters – failed. The case has turned into an obsession.

3)   When I Was You

                   By: Minka Kent

Minka Kent is a proud author of “When I Was You”. With the title of bestseller in Washington Post, Minka produced an original thriller and suspense on February, 1st 2020. Her piece of art became one of the bestsellers at Amazon for 2020.

A woman findings are disturbing when she came to realize that someone else is living her life. Exact name, same hairs, car, clothes with family and friends added on social media.

All these discoveries after a horrible attack which she survived and locked herself at home. What will happen next?

4)   In an Instant

                   By: Suzanne Redfearn


A story about the power of love, family and the idea of moving on. These are the elements that created “In an Instant” on 1st March 2020.

Suzanne Redfearn (an award-winning author), sure knows how to present the realities of human nature and natural disasters. Where, a sixteen-year-old, Finn Miller met a terrible car accident along with her family.

How will she survive? Will she ever be able to move on such a terrifying reality? Was her accident planned?

5)   The Names of the Dead

                   By: Kevin Wignall

The bestselling author came up again with a golden piece that leaves thrills and mysterious vibes all over the place on 1st February 2020.

Kevin Wignall, author of “The names of the dead” was successfully able to bring a story of a former CIA agent on an anti-terrorist attack which went wrong. Now, he serves in jail cut off from family, friends and colleagues.

Mysteriously finds out about the death of his ex-wife and that his son, Ethan is missing. (Which he didn’t know even existed)

No doubt this story bring-up curiosity.

6)   A Killer’s Wife

                   By: Victor Methos

Victor Methos is a lawyer and a great writer by profession. He was able to pull off yet another interesting book based on law and legal affairs (which are his strengths)

In “A Killer’s Wife” the story revolves around the wife of a murderer with a series of brutal kills kept in jail. She moved on with her life and raised their daughter by becoming a successful attorney.

But, a new rash of homicides is a copy of her ex-husband. Nightmares from the past come alive! She gets involved with FBI to catch the copycat killer – but that means she will have to meet her husband, again.

7)   If You Tell: A True Story of Murder, Family Secrets, and the Unbreakable Bond of Sisterhood

                   By: Gregg Olsen

A shocking and inspiring, true-crime story of three sisters. Their survival in their mother’s house of horror has taken the market.

Gregg Olsen, documents a true-crime of physical and horrific mental torture. Being the top-most writers in the world, he is excellent in transferring real stories into Books.

How the three sisters were tortured behind the closed doors of their farmhouse in Raymond, by their sadist mother.

Wrapping Up:

You must be having thousands of questions drawn by the curiosity of all the thrilling yet amazing insights from Amazons bestsellers.

These are the must-have-books for this year!

Author’s Bio:

Sara Hampton is a qualified journalist with travelling dreams. Completed her masters in arts journalism from the School of Communication & the Arts from Regent University. She is known for her remarkable blog writing services and email writing service along with many informative articles from the platform of Content Majestic.
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